DIY Beaded Curtain~





Introduction: DIY Beaded Curtain~

In this project, you'll learn how to make a beaded curtain for home! This simple yet sparkling beads curtain design has just added splash of colors to your room and it’s really easy-to-do!

Step 1: Supplies:

Transparent Acrylic Beads

Round Colorful Acrylic Beads

Gengon Wood Beads

Owl Pendant Cabochon Setting

Acrylic Rhinestone Bead (not shown)

Metallic Cord


Lace Trim (optional)

Double Faced Adhesive Tape (optional)

Mark Pen (optional)

Step 2: Make the Central Owl Pendant Bunch

1st, cut a 34cm piece of cord;

2nd, attach the owl pendant to 1/3 location of cord by using a Lark’s Head Knot;

3rd, loop the cord by tying an Overhand Knot;

4th, tie another 3 Overhand Knots about 2cm away from the owl pendant. Then, string one largest (24cm) blue acrylic bead;

5th, tie the same Overhand Knots 2cm away the blue pendant and then string one smaller (20cm) bead;

6th, glue the selected rhinestone bead into the owl pendant cabochon setting. Now, you’ve finished the central bunch.

Step 3: Make the Rest Beads Bunches in Varying Lengths

1st, cut a 68cm piece of cord;

2nd, string one purple and one black on two ends of cord. Secure by tying two Overhand Knots;

3rd, tie 3 Overhand Knots to secure the large-sized flower bead upon the two small-sized ones;

Step 4:

4th, in the following work, you’ll just need to repeat tying Overhand Knots to stop right beads in proper place. In my beads curtain design, I made five couples of beaded bunches extra and the lengths of needed cords are: 68cm, 76cm, 84cm, 92cm and 100cm.

Step 5: Hang Them on the Door

1st, find the center of door and then stick the owl pendant bunch;

Step 6:

2nd, divide both sides into 5 equal parts and then attach the rest bunches by using double faceted adhesive tape;

Step 7:

3rd, cover the other face of tape with a lace trim.

Step 8: Tada! Beautiful, Is It?



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    beautiful. I love it. Will definitely try it.

    Very Simple and Useful Information... :)

    Thank you, Danger!