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Ok as some of y'all know I'm a gymnast and I did not want to go the the gym to practice the beam I hope y'all enjoy

Wow I'm soo Texan I say y'all all the time LOL

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So I got a 3-4 ft piece of wood and 4 inches wide and 3 inches thickI really suggest a 4-5 ft wood and 5 inches wide and 4-5inches thick

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Now cover the wood in a light stretchy fabric and staple it on

Step 3:

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To give it some grip add duck tape to the whole beam and make sure it's flat also if you don't have duck tape please don't do this or buy some because it helps in a HUGE way because I have slipped and fell many times when it was only fabric so please please please add duck tape

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Now you are done thank you soo much for looking at this I hope you enjoyed please comment if you like it or if you did it or if you have a question byee


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Nice and quick mod into something that looks very useful to you! Thanks for sharing!

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