If you want to keep things original, then this is a great project. With a little work and time you can 1up all your friends with a great new look for your bar lighting.

The inspiration for this came from another instructable. The only problem with this was he built his by welding, which wasn't something I'd be able to do all that easily. I asked a friend who knew how to weld and got an annoyed answer, so instead I set out to do something that almost anyone would be able to do from home. The design is pretty simple. I went with diamond plating and mirrored plexi, but you can substitute in your own options for materials, just keep weight in mind for this project. Everything should be easily purchased for anyone on here. In the end I've been incredibly happy with the way the light came out.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

-    1'x2' sheet of metal of Diamond Plated Aluminum. Needs to be pretty durable, this will hold the weight of the entire project.
-    1'x2' sheet of 1/4" mirrored acrylic. This will be the top sheet of our chandelier. you might be able to get away with 1/8" but when you're cutting the holes for the bottles, you'll want something solid so that you don't crack the acrylic.
-    8x - 4-1/2" long 1/4" thick, bolts. These will hold the top and bottom layer together.
-    16x - 1/4" nuts.
-    8x - spring washers
-    8x - acorn nuts
-    4x - 1/4" crown bolts
-    6x - small 'S' hooks
-    ~6' of chain
-    Masking tape
-    Lighting of your choice.

-    1-3/4" hole saw
-    2-1/2" hole saw
-    Drill press (preferably)
-    Square for measuring and tracing out the cuts (preferably up to two feet in length).
-    Metal file for smoothing out the edges after you make your cuts.
To be honest, when I saw beer bottles and diamond plating I rolled my eyes. This actually turned out pretty damn good! All I can picture though is flipping it up sideways on my wall and using the bottle necks as a coat rack (a single row version at least). Maybe use wine bottles and make a necklace/jewelry hanger for the wife!
<p>I think you mean a Beer Bottle Chandelbeer!!!!</p><p>HA HA HA HA HA HA :P</p>
Love it! Where can you get diamond plated aluminum?
You can shop around for it online at decently affordable prices, especially if you want to get a larger sheet and cut it yourself. I got mine from home depot I believe. I probably paid more than necessary for it there, but at the time I just wanted to make something cool and it was perfect! I think after looking into it more, it would have been more affordable to replace the top piece of mirrored lexan with metal as well.
I'm going to be making different versions of these to use in our night club. Nice job.....
<p>That'd be really cool! Send me some pics when you get them up!</p>
Hey There!! This is Michael from Elemental LED, The creator of your inspiration! Your chandelier looks awesome! The blue bottles are a great touch, as well as the top acrylic piece. Good Job!! <br> <br>Michael :)
I will add though, I was bummed I couldn't come up with a cool way to integrate the beer caps in mine.
I'm glad you liked it. I loved the one you did, but I didn't have access or the knowledge on welding to make something similar to yours. It got me thinking about how I'd come up with a nice scaled down version. Mine doesn't have all the cool effects like yours, but I think it's still flashy enough to get some attention, lol
nice it looks pretty cool, too bad it doesn't put out much light tho, or is that just the pic
I wouldn't count on it to light up a room, but it'll look good anywhere you hang it, lol. It puts out about as much light as the lights people place on the underside of their cabinets to light up their counters. <br> <br>I just uploaded some more pictures. I had thought about taking it a step further and hunting for three small recessed lights to place in here. They would have fit great and made it so it still gave off some nice lighting while keeping the cool look, but I didn't want to worry just yet how I'd wire it all together or fasten the lighting in place. But that's my suggestion for taking it a bit further.
I'm glad you guys like it. I kept the design simple because there was no need to overly complicate things. I've been debating on adding some pod lighting to the bottom panel, but overall I still love this one. The cuts take a little bit of time, but that's only because there's 40 of them, lol
dude! awesome idea, granted im only 16, im still gonna do this in my little workshop, awesome idea, and the blue bottles add an awesome touch. Very nice work as well, Thank you for sharing

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