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Introduction: DIY Bench Cookies

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Hello there you amazing person you! This is my Instructable on how to make your own bench cookies. What is a bench cookie you ask? Well, basically they provide a raised slip resistant platform for wood working projects. Bench cookies raise your project off the surface you are working on and hold it steady so that you can paint, stain, wax, cut, nail, screw, and glue with ease. Normally a set of these will cost around $13, but I made these for $1.07. Let's get our hands dirty!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Alright, so all I used was some scrap 2x4s leftover from making my workbench, some of that anti-skid material that is put in cabinets and drawers to keep things from sliding around (this is where the $1.07 comes in), Elmer's Glue All, and some paint. That's it! I'm sure that you can use other materials as you see fit. Perhaps some rubber weather stripping or stronger glue would work better.
I used just a few tools; a pen, a handsaw, clamps, and some sandpaper.

Step 2: Measure Once, Cut Twice (Or Something Like That)

So here is where I had to use my head just a bit because 2x4 does not actually measure two inches by four inches. I wanted to make prisms with square tops and bottoms, so I had to measure out every 3.5 inches. Problem solved. Next I cut out the anti-skid squares to cover my biscuits. These were cut into 3.5 inch squares.

Step 3: Painting (Or Other Make-it-look-niceification)

This step is completely optional. There is no need for any paint, stain, or whatever tickles your fancy to adorn your bench cookies, but I had some extra paint so decided to throw a few coats onto mine. There are no special tricks here, I used 100 or 150 grit sandpaper and gave them a quick sanding then I sprayed on some paint. The down side to this step is now you have to wait for the paint to dry, I'm sorry.

Step 4: Finished!

Did you make it through the wait? Yay! Unless of course you chose to skip that step in which case, Yay! Alright, all that is left for you to do is glue your anti-skid squares to the largest sides of the prisms and wait for the glue to dry. That's it. You're done. Look what you just did you amazing person you! Be proud of yourself because you can do anything.

I hope you enjoyed my simple Instructable as much as I enjoyed creating it. If you have any criticism I would love to hear it. I would also be delighted to see the cookies that you have made or the projects that have been made with their assistance.

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    I am definitely making these for my dad! He makes decorative boxes & always gets stain all over the place! His birthday is coming up soon, so thank you for his b-day gift!

    3 replies

    That's fantastic! I would love to see them!

    I made mine a little different. I worked with what I had. But I think it came out pretty good! Thanks again!


    They are amazing! I really like your choice to make them larger like that. I may need to make a large set like these. Thank you for showing them off!

    How much glue do you recommend using? And did you apply the glue to the blocks or the nonslip material? I ask because I tried to do the same thing on some wooden clamp-style clothes hangers to give them more grip, but could never find the right adhesive to make the stuff stick to them.

    2 replies

    Great question! You have a great idea there. I put the glue on the blocks. I put on just enough glue to evenly coat the surface, I didn't use much at all. Have you tried using clamps until the glue dries.

    No, I didn't try clamping them, and I think I gave up too soon on the adhesive or just didn't think of Elmer's. Thanks for the reply!

    No thank you!

    it looks like red velvet cake with icing. lol nice and easy instructable, thanks

    1 reply

    Well look at that, I guess they do!

    Thank you for your kind words too!

    They are! Well, if you are a termite or beaver anyway haha!

    I love these & pinned it to my craft board on Pinterest :-)

    1 reply

    Oh! Please post the link to your Pinterest craft board!

    Nice...I can't believe I didn't think of this myself. Great idea.

    1 reply

    Thank you! I'm glad that I inspired you!