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Introduction: DIY “Bert’s Bees” Type Lip Balm

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When your lips are dry, you lick them, which in turn, make them more dry and chapped, so you lick them more.  The best way to fight this vicious circle is: 1st - keep hydrated (drink lots of water)  and 2nd - to keep handy and use lip balm.  My favorite lip balm is “Bert’s bees” brand.  I have this roll, but that is it, and I keep miss placing it.  I would like to buy more, but it is a tad on the expensive side.  I found this on Pintrest:  Since I had most of the ingredients on hand, and few of the empty tubes, I decided to give it a try.  I did some variations from her recipe, according to what I had on hand.  So here we go.

Step 1:

2 oz (56 g) bees wax ($1.79/ounce, not shown)
3 oz (84 g) coconut oil ($0.29/fluid ounce)
½ oz  (24 g)Vitamin E oil ($2.14/ounce)
½ oz  (24) Almond oil ($0.50/ounce)
30-40 Lip Balm tubes (0.15 fluid oz. each, empty and clean, I had 8)
Microwave safe glass container
Digital scale
Essential oils (I used Spearmint for it flavor and Rosemary for its antibacterial properties)

Step 2:

First I measured out each ingredient on the digital scale.  I had bar bees wax so I chopped it up first and measured out 56 g. 

Step 3:

Then I measured out the coconut oil (84 g),

Step 4:

then the Almond oil and Vitamin E oil (total, of 1 oz. or 28 g). 

Step 5:

I place the four together in the glass container and put it I the put it in the microwave.  I heated it one minute on high. 

Step 6:

Removed from the microwave and stirred. 

Step 7:

Then heated another minute and stirred again. 

Step 8:

It took less than 30 more seconds to finish melting the bees wax.  Stir well.

Step 9:

I poured 4 ounces of the lip balm into a container with a seal tight lid.  I put it in the fridge so that I can keep it fresh until I had more tubes.

Step 10:

Into the balm I had left, I put 15 drops of the Spearmint oil and 5drops of the Rosemary oil.  Stir. 

Step 11:

Next, I dipped my finger into the balm and let it cool, then tried it on my lips.  Very nice.  You may want to add more essential oil or more bees wax, or whatever to make it fit your taste. 

Step 12:

I used the spoon to fill the containers with the lip balm and let them set until solid.

Step 13:

While they are setting, let’s do some math.  If each tube holds 0.15 fluid oz., and you have 6 oz. (mass, not particularly volume) you will be able to fill 40 of those lip gloss tubes.  I think you will have less (because mass and volume are not the same for everything).  So let’s say 35 tubes. 

Now the cost for the ingredients would be:  Beeswax - $3.58, Coconut oil-$0.97, Vitamin E oil–$1.07, and Almond oil - $0.25.  Total is $5.87 for the batch.  Divide by 35 = $0.17 a tube. 

The tubes, found here:, are $0.14 each, does not include postage.  So you can make your own for about $0.31 each.  Since these are for me, a label is not needed, but if you are going to use them as gifts, you might consider creating a label. Labels will give them a finished look.  Not bad.  I can afford to keep losing these ;).   Enjoy!
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    Now to add tint like lipstick to these. Pondering as i type this. Thank you for this, tired of buying these for my girlfriend heh.

    3 replies

    So far, everyone who had done this type of lip balm and wanted to add color, just melted a bit of lipstick (your choice of color) into the liquid balm. Every thing else anyone has tried has separated. I would go to the dollar store and buy a desired color and use it for the color source. I want some with pomagranet oil and color. Another reason I put the 4 oz. in the fridge. That is my next goal. Thanks.

    Great 'ible! This looks like a lot of fun!

    Do you think a gel food color would work? Has anyone said they've tried it? I'm not sensitive to it personally, but a lot of the women in my family will break out if they use cheap beauty products. :-(

    I do plan on trying this, regardless of color (pretty, but unnecessary) because I always lose my chappies. At least it wouldn't be as bad if a few tubes get misplaced if I've made it myself.

    Yeah it's tough to add color (liquid of any kind) without it separating....Besides the slice of lipstick you can also use some type of powdered makeup that is reddish in tint - or buy mica powder on amazon. :)

    I always use stainless bowls when making beeswax products. Then you can just run really hot water over the bottom and wipe the majority of the residue out with a paper towel. After wiping it out it is pretty easy to get clean with hot water and dish soap.

    You actually do not need rosemary oil if you don't like smell of it, because the coconut oil is antibacterial.

    All of my ingredients have arrived. Can't wait to mix up my first batch!

    Just curious.. Did you sterilize your tubes?

    That's awesome! You just got a follower :)

    Awesome! Certainly better than Burt's Bees pricing, that's for sure :)

    Any ideas on how to add SPF sunscreen as well?

    1 reply

    Add 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon titanium dioxide white powder (micronized is recommended) to your 6 oz total, and this should give you some SPF protection. On line it runs around $20/pound (454 g).

    Do you have any advice on how to get the wax completely out of the bowl after you're done? I keep a dedicated pan for this since it is so messy.

    3 replies

    While it is still melted, used paper towel to absorb as much as possible. I use glass because it is alot easier to remove wax from it. Or you can do it the way people remove candle wax from jars. Boil some water. Pour the boiling water into the jar where the wax is. Then wait, several house wait, until the wax floats to the top and hardens. Then breat the wax up and remove it from the jar. Scrub any residue of with a scrubby or whatever. Hope this helps.

    I make salves as gifts and for my own use.Warm the bowl by placing in a pan of water and heating. While the bowl is warm you can wipe the inside with paper towels; ideally you've poured out as much as possible of your batch and there won't be much left. After wiping with paper towels you can either wash in very hot soapy water, or go guerrilla on it and use damp sand or a handful of compost ( followed by hot soapy water, of course.)
    Baking soda may also be used on a damp sponge before washing.

    Perhaps put a ziploc-like freezer storage bag inside the measuring cup? Might make pouring easier as well as storing any extra. I think the regular plastic storage bag might not be able to handle the heat. Very nice instructable.

    Just bought all the supplies.. I will be giving this a try this weekend!

    I like "Free Range Chicken Poop Lip Junk" (yes, it really exists!)
    I bought some at Tractor Supply--lavender oil is in it--smells wonderful.
    I also like Lansinoh (purified lanolin nipple grease) on my lips & face.
    Thick and sticky, but amazing results.
    Let me see, lanolin, coconut oil, lavender oil; plus beeswax--(of course!)

    I've done this with petroleum jelly instead of coconut oil to be used as a mustache wax and that also works as lip balm. Now I'm gonna have to try it with coconut oil. I would imagine the flavor is better.

    I need to do this!

    Very cute. Love Burt's Bees so will definitely have to try it!