SHOP the fabrics for this DIY Beyonce inspired dress here: http://etsy.me/1m8qbnw
SHOP the trimmings used in the tutorial here: http://bit.ly/decorativetrimmings

Rhinestone Embellished trimmings http://bit.ly/1O3ek6N
Jumbo Ric Rac Orange http://bit.ly/21Zef8d
1/2 Shell Knit trim http://bit.ly/21Zef8d

SHOP zippers for your next DIY dress here http://amzn.to/1NIBvwP

Sewing machine used by Juki borrowed from City Sewing: http://www.citysewing.com/

The Holiday season is around the corner and anything festive is synonymous with dresses in my opinion. When I spotted the Nicole Miller dress worn by Beyonce I loved how it can be worn both in a chic way and be dressed down at the same time or be worn at work.

Although it's a simple grey dress what makes it pop are the trimmings added to the finishing look. And the fact that is was worn by Beyonce otherwise nobody would be talking about it lol

Enjoy this DIY dress tutorial!

What you'll need:
- 1 yards/meter of wool crochet fabric (shop it here http://etsy.me/1m8qbnw or at Metro Textiles NYC)
- Trimmings (shop it here (shop it here http://bit.ly/decorativetrimmings)
- Zippers (shop it here http://amzn.to/1NIBvwP)
- thread
- fabric scissors
- pins
- sewing machine (I used a Juki sewing machine)

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Thank you 'sew' much for watching!

<p>This is awesome, I love your tutorials. I used the tshirt color block tutorial to make an after shower coverup instead of a bathrobe. </p>
<p>thanks and that's awesome! </p>
<p>PS, you should enter this in the Pattern contest.</p>

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