Introduction: DIY: Bicycle Tube Nozzle Lamp

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This is a simple home made candle-like lamp. This lamp can be used at fun camps and candle-light dinners :P

Step 1: Minimum Requirements

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1. Bicycle tube nozzle (the type shown in the photo)
2. Small bottle with metallic cap (I used a medicine bottle)
3. Small knife
4. Cotton shoelace (or strip of cotton clothing)
5. Kerosene (or any flammable thin liquid)
6. Pair of hands

Step 2: Prepare the Bottle

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  1. Remove the label from the bottle, if you want. I did not because it was really stuck on the bottle and trying to remove it, would spoil the bottle
  2. Remove the cap from the bottle
  3. Remove the circular rubber packing from the inside of the cap. To do this, the knife could help you.
  4. Put the cap back on the bottle.
  5. Place the tip of the knife on the center of the cap and start making rotational movements from the knife to make a hole on the cap. Do not press too hard. The hole would be best if it is just a little bigger than the diameter of the nozzle.
  6. Now remove the cap from the bottle

Step 3: Insert the Nozzle Into the Cap

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  1. Remove the valve which blocks the inside of the nozzle. To do this, I poured some oil into the nozzle (because the one I had, had a lot of dirt) and used a pointed scissor to screw out the valve part.
  2. Remove the nut and washer at the bottom of the nozzle.
  3. Insert the nozzle from the inside of the cap through the hole you made in the previous step.
  4. Put the washer on the nozzle from outside the cap and screw the nut until it's tightly fit on the washer and the cap. To do this, you may use a plier and a wrench. I didnt.

Step 4: Fueling

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  1. Find a cotton shoelace. A round one which can go tight through the nozzle would be best. You can even make such a thing using strips of cotton cloth.
  2. Insert the lace through the nozzle.
  3. Little extra length should be at the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Fill the bottle with kerosene or any other flammable thin liquid. Zippo fuel would be better (I think. I have never used it.)
  5. Light up the lamp.

Step 5: Bonus

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Place the lamp inside a glass jar for some level of wind proofing.



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