Introduction: DIY Bike Chain Fidget Spinner

How make bike chain fidget spinners.

Step 1: Materials

Zip ties
Ball bearing
Bike Chain (11 sections)

Step 2: Make Loop

Put zip ties through chain to connect ends and make circle.

Step 3: Zip

1 zip tie goes through 6 sections of chain. Add a second zip tie through the rest of the chain sections.

Step 4: Pull

Put bearing in center of chain. Pull the zip ties as tight as you can. Pliers help. Trim the edges.

Step 5: Caps

Add caps to each side of the bearing if you want. Buttons attached with hot glue or wires also work.


mixednutz (author)2017-07-13

pretty cool! Those things aren't cheap either....

Swansong (author)2017-06-05

That's a fun way to make one :)