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I bought a cheapo fixie bike from Walmart back in March. After riding through summer time traffic in Ocean City, MD a couple of times I decided my handlebars were too wide... so I cut them to the width of my shoulders. Since I'm too lazy and cheap to go buy some new grips I thought I would just make them out of an inner tube I had blown a few weeks back.

-This Instructable will show you how to make grips for a bike using trash and supplies from around the house.

Step 1: Supplies

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You are going to need:

-An old inner tube
-Electrical Tape
yeeeeeap2 years ago
veryken2 years ago
Why not use tube repair rubber cement instead of the electrical tape? It'll look even better (seamless) and won't get all gooey like elec tape does after a while.
profpat2 years ago
this is cool, but unfortunately the electrical tape will eventually loose contact and be loose, i would recommend to slip on the grips a rubber shrink tube and heat it up so it will shrink to fit.. you can get the shrink tube at radio shack or any electrical supply outlets..
I have used electrical tape and Gorilla tape for make-do bar tape before. They stink. The glue gets hot and runs, then it's all a sticky mess. Try cutting the rubber tube into a 1" wide tape. You can start at one end of a mtn bike bar, insert the bar ends or cut-down wine cork, then wrap all the way to the other end, and cork it off.
I have used bar-tape made from inner tubes on a road bike drop bar. It has a LOT of grip, even when wet, and feels like leather tape. Pro-tip: Use spray adhesive and bar-end caps. I like it way better than the $20 store-bought cork tapes and will never go back.
useraaaaa2 years ago
make slippery handles for you bike :-)
Ronnie.W13 (author)  useraaaaa2 years ago
Its not bad, its kinda like a tennis racket grip, and its better then bare metal.
Hey Ronnie,

A nice clear Instrauctable but may I suggest that you do yourself a favour by covering  the open ends of your bars with either some bar end plugs or simply by taping a penny/cent over each end ( before step one).

Landing on an unplugged bar can do some serious damage ( I did it).

Happy Riding.

It will also keep the spiders out.
Ronnie.W13 (author)  FriendOfHumanity2 years ago
I thought about the bars ends but didn't feel like driving to get some, I live about 30 minutes from civilization and was being lazy. The penny is a good idea and I will probably do that now.

I also fell yesterday (11.11.12) because when I replaced my bars I apparently didn't tighten the stem all the way and when I went to stop on my fixie the front wheel turned and I'm fairly bloody now- YOLO! I also need to rewrap the right grip because its a little scraped up.
Ronnie.W13 (author)  Ronnie.W132 years ago
And Thanks BTW.