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I bought a cheapo fixie bike from Walmart back in March. After riding through summer time traffic in Ocean City, MD a couple of times I decided my handlebars were too wide... so I cut them to the width of my shoulders. Since I'm too lazy and cheap to go buy some new grips I thought I would just make them out of an inner tube I had blown a few weeks back.

-This Instructable will show you how to make grips for a bike using trash and supplies from around the house.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You are going to need:

-An old inner tube
-Electrical Tape

Step 2: Cut the Tube

Picture of Cut the Tube
Measure out how long you want the grip to be. (Mine are just wider than my hands.)

Step 3: Cut Again

Picture of Cut Again
-Cut a straight line down the side of the tube.
-You may also want to wipe out the inside of the tube with a rag, there is some sort of powder in it that makes it hard for tape to stick to.

Step 4: Making the Grip

Picture of Making the Grip
-Sit the tube on the bar and put a piece of tape on the tube going into the bar.
-Tape the shorter section to the bar itself. Make sure it is secure because you will be pulling the rubber fairly tight.

Step 5: Finishing the Grip

Picture of Finishing the Grip
-Pull the longer side of the tube around the bar making sure it is tight.
-Tape the edge down.
-Get rid of any wrinkles by stretching the rubber or by letting some of the pressure off.
-Finish wrapping the end of the tube. (This doesn't secure it any more it just makes it look cleaner.)

Step 6: Wrap the Grips

Picture of Wrap the Grips
Using electrical tape, start at the end nearest the stem and wrap the tape tightly around the tube, the tighter the better.
-It doesn't have to be electrical tape but it was the look I was going for.

Step 7: Watch Out!

Picture of Watch Out!
This little (a little larger than a 50 cent piece) Wolf spider almost got me while i was crouched down wrapping the grips. 

Step 8: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
After the grips are wrapped tight you are finished, just cut the tape and make 'em look pretty. Now repeat for the other side.
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