Step 5: The frame

Picture of The frame
Frame Notch.JPG
The frame is pretty simple - you need two long pieces of material to hold the axles off the ground, and something to separate them the appropriate distance from one another.

I added a little standing platform on both sides just to make it easier to get on and off - but it isn't necessary

2x4 studs or other common materials will work fine - you certainly don't need to use hardwood like is pictured in mine

You will also want a way of pinning the axles so that they don't turn or try working their way out while moving.

Note the notch in the middle cross pieces to accommodate the webbing
lcit20032 years ago
The wooden inserts into the PVC roller.
lcit20032 years ago
What do you have between the roller and the frame so the roller doesn't wander and rub on the frame? Im thinking somehting like this:

|Frame| /\/\/\ |TW| |FW| |TW| |Roller| 

/\/\/\ = Spring TW=Teflon washer FW=Fender washer

...and kudos on the wheels, I had a guy turn mine with a lathe for $25. (yours are still better)