Step 6: The missing link

Picture of The missing link
webbing loop 1.JPG
The front roller should be connected to the middle roller so that it in turn spins the front wheel.

I chose to use some 1" webbing, since I had some lying around. Lots of different things could be used for this however, rope, rubber tubing, rubber strapping, etc. The important thing is that you can get it tight, and so that it doesn't slip on the rollers.

It is easiest to figure out how long it needs to be by assembling the frame and rollers, and then measuring and marking directly. It is also better to make it a touch small so that it will be tight when you put it together

The belt is a single piece of webbing - with the two ends overlapped and joined together.

The joint is preferably sewn, but gluing should also work - see comments on pic
MichaelL216 months ago

A rotating wheel adds stability through gyroscopic precession. Check out this video for more explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeyDf4ooPdo

RadEd3 years ago
I finished my build - but am having issues getting everything to roll under load, everything rolls easily without the bike (and me) but as soon as I added the webbing and add the bike the front and centre roller freeze up,
There's no movement in the webbing - so that's tight enough (could this be too tight to accomodate any flex under load?)
Sky-Monkey (author)  RadEd3 years ago
Do the rollers spin easily with the webbing on and no bike? sounds like something is binding somewhere -
What size bearings are you using? what size axles?
if you can take some pictures of what you have together, It might help with identifying the trouble area.
sb373 years ago
Can you (or anyone else) explain why the front wheel needs to spin ?