Step 7: Putting it all Together

Picture of Putting it all Together
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A clamp may help with stretching the strap to get everything to go together properly - a test assembly with-out the strap should tell you that everything is lining up properly before taking it apart and installing the strap.

I built mine without the stepping plates first, and then decided to add them afterword
They aren't necessary, but are nice

Some people also like the security of wheels on top to prevent the bike tire from tracking off the edge of the rollers - often seen on the free-motion setups - I didn't feel them necessary

It is nice to assemble the frame with strictly screws or bolts - as you may want to take it apart later to adjust, transport, etc.

Hope you found this helpful - Have fun if you do decide to build your own, and go get some exercise. For both your body and your creativity.