Picture of DIY Bike Tube Wallet

In this instrucable I will show you how to make a wallet out of a bicycle inner tube. I based the design off a duct tape wallet I made a while ago. Hope this works for you!

you'll need:

-Bicycle inner tube ( you only need a two foot strip)
-sharp scissors
-sewing machine

Step 1: Prepare the Tube

Picture of Prepare the Tube
First get your tube and cut it right down the middle, then cut off a 2 ft. section, now make sure the tube section is clean, I had to wash mine to get the white dust stuff off. Then cut that piece down the middle and you should have two strips, 2ft x 2in.
eastney4 years ago
cool gear guys...LOL
it helps the recycling program...go green!!1
Brilliant Idea, might try it soon :D
Emsaid (author)  rossjolliffe4 years ago
i would suggest buying the cheaper bike tubes that arnt shaped to fit better, get the flat ones so your wallet doesnt get all wavy
Dr. Pepper4 years ago
good job