DIY Binocular Hack for Digital Camera





Introduction: DIY Binocular Hack for Digital Camera

How to create a magnifying lens for your digital camera with this howto. Very easy and simple. note: it will help if your camera has a focus button. And get the lens as... More» close to the camera lens as possible



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    I think this is a great way to do closeups.
    I do have one problem with the rubber band method of securing the lens.
    It puts undue strain on your focus and zoom gears. We need a better method that secures the lens to the front and not the body.
    Any ideas?

    Try fixing the binocular lens to a spare lens hood.
    Then it will simply screw on or off easy.

    If you have one of those crappy aiptek video cameras like I have, you can use a simmons monocular (they fit together perfectly!) and make a zoom lens. 

    This is a video of me zooming with just the camera, and then after putting the monocular on it.  I was surprised twice.  Surprised that the rubber eyepiece was an exact fit for my camera, and surprised that I could actually zoom with it!

    great Idea I'll give it a go, thanks for the instructable.

    Try using both big lenses ..instead of ()= make ()=()= attachment. I use this for taking super close ups to I.D. bugs in my garden and to see the color of trichomes. its a ghetto way of taking high times centerfold quality close ups

    Would this work for distanced photography? I'm not sure if i'm using the right terms.

    well if you are looking for something like that, I might be able to make one up. And post a tutorial if you wish , let me know.

    i want that too!!! i have a telscope but i dont know how to modify it to act as a len of camera

    that would be great, hope you do, and really nice tut. : )

    Simplemente FANTÁSTICO!!!! Parabéns!!!