Introduction: DIY Bird Bath

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It’s easy and low cost birdbath. You can make it at home using

unused inexpensive things.

What you need for this project:

1) Round baking tray 8”

2) Empty food can

3) Acrylic paints

4) Paints brushes

5) Some colored stones

6) Aquarium decor plants

Step 1: ​Primary Things for This Project

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Round baking tray 8” - Which is available in dollar store.

Empty food can- For stand birdbath. I used empty food container which is easily available at home

Acrylic paints and brushes for painting.

Step 2: Start Painting

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First thing you need to do is clean the food container and baking tray then apply acrylic paint one coat.

Let it dry then apply again.You need apply three coat.

Then when it completely dry. Then what ever you like you can draw or design.

Step 3: Final Step

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This is my finishing look.After finishing my paintings I used some colored stone and aquarium plastic plants

for decoration my birdbath.Its done.

Step 4:


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Bio: I am housewife and I have a lovely daughter. I love to spend my time with making crafts. I am Hobbyist.I love hummingbirds.
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