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Introduction: DIY Bluetooth Speaker 2.0

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Hi Im back with a new project!

This time I will be making the second version of the bluetooth speaker that I made earlier last year

This speaker is incredibly easy to make and its LOUD

The amplifier board is capable of 50w!!!!

The speaker is rechargeable and lasts about 45 min, however by upgrading to a bigger battery you can lengthen the run time to hours.

This speaker is great for beginners as it takes minimal soldering and is a great impressive overall project.

Difficulty: easy..

Step 1: Watch the Video!

Click the picture to watch the video

If that does not work, here is the link

Step 2: Parts List

I got all my parts from Banggood a online store for high quality low priced electronics. They really are a great store, some of the nicest people. They even sent me some parts for this project! Be sure to tell them Constructed sent you!

Discounted Parts list

1. 12v DC battery pack:
2. Digital Amplifier Board:

3. Dremel Cutting disc:

4. Waterproof push button:

5. Voltage tester meter:

6. Case: (Was Originally $10 US, now $15)

7. Reused speakers: I got mine from a trashed computer speaker

Thats all you need

However you will need some tools such as a dremel, soldering iron, drill and hot glue gun

Step 3: Solder Voltmeter

Very simple step, take the positive of the voltmeter (2nd Image) and solder it onto the surface mount point of the batteries input positive.

Now do the same with negative

In my case, the positive was to the left of the battery input jack and negative to the right

Step 4: Add Speakers

Now take your speakers and place them where you would like to on the case.

I used a ruler to find the exact centers for the speakers

Using a black pencil, trace the outside.

With a dremel and some cutting discs (not pictured) cut the circles out. be sure to bevel the edge with a file

You should now have two holes in the case that perfectly fit the speakers, using hotglue, seal and attach the speakers to the inside of the case.

Step 5: Connect Speakers

Now get some wire and solder it to the + and - of the speakers.

run the wires down to the amplifier and connect them to their respectful spots

(Left speaker to Left speaker, Right to Right)

Step 6: You're Done!

Now just snap in the battery, flip the switch and your speaker should power on!

(If you want, cut out a rectangle in the case and stick the voltmeter through)

Remember to watch the voltmeter!

Dont forget it is a lipo battery! The battery could die and catch on fire! Dont let the voltage go to low!

This is a great project and very fun to build. I encourage everyone to try to make this project.

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    Those batteries are terrible- the claimed capacity is well overstated- they add each of the cells claimed capacity as if they were connected in series, not parallel. There are 3 cells in the pack so the capacity claimed should be 1600mAh (still overstated). The internal wiring is very thin so limits current capability- they could overheat or even catch fire.

    3 replies

    what do you recomend instead?

    It depends on your application. Packs for models are usually good-eg those at have always been good ime

    I have 4 Of those batteries. All of them at different capacities. They have a built in voltage cutoff of 9.5V. No need for the extra circuit to cut off power. However, those batteries come with a 12v charger and NEVER get fully charged with the charger that is supplied. I built my own charger for them that supplies just under 14V to fully charge the cell.

    2 replies

    hi, do you recommend another battery(s) instead? im planning on making a similar build but with a 50w x2 amp instead and bigger speakers. i was thinking 4x Panasonic 18650 3400mAh run in parallel. what do you think?

    any more info about your charger for them you made?

    Nice. I built these last year, but never got around to my finishing my Instructable.


    I just ordered the parts. Looking forward to the build. I ordered the batterie but may just try to plug it in with a wall wart. I'm not too worried about portability, I just want to use it around the house. Any suggestions on wall wart specs? I'm a total noob to electronics. Thanks

    I feel like there is a way around the burning/exploding battery thing. I am very inexperienced in this field, but the idea of a capacitor comes to mind. And even if I am being ignorant with that comment, just plugging it in to an outlet works to. But, I have to say that is a very cool project, even with my gripes. Good job!

    1 reply

    My original plan was to use a much larger 12v sla battery, but I decided it would be too heavy. Thanks for reading and watching the video!

    Sorry, i do not see how and where the Waterproof push button is connected. As it is a momentary push button, i am very curious which wire is connected wher on the push button, could you please explain in words and with a picture? THNX.

    1 reply

    There's a video in step one that shows the whole build process. During the build, I realized that the battery comes with a built in switch so I didn't use the other switch. I thought having two switches might be pointless

    I feel like there is a way around the burning/exploding battery thing. I am very inexperienced in this field, but the idea of a capacitor comes to mind. And even if I am being ignorant with that comment, just plugging it in to an outlet works to. But, I have to say that is a very cool project, even with my gripes. Good job!

    Another thing you can add is a lovely voltage alarm or a cutoff circuit.

    how much watt are your used speakers capable of?

    What size speakers? and is there another peice that you will need to connect through bluetooth or is that in one of the pieces described above? Looking for small projects to keep busy during slow times, and Im not very good with electrical by any means. Thanks

    2 replies

    I highly recommend you try and make this project. The speakers are about 4 inches wide. I scrapped them from a desktop speaker system.

    Check the items list the amp has bluetooth built in

    Appreciate your help