Introduction: DIY Book Box Vault

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This is a DIY tutorial on a secret book box.

Step 1: Materials

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for this project you will need:

Elmer's Glue

Utility knife

Small book that you don't need


Paper Towels

Sponge brush

Self healing mat or newspaper

Step 2: Glueing

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Pour glue in the pallet until it reaches the brim. Then, Using the sponge brush, Lay a medium coat of glue on the block of pages. After that, put two erasers under only the top cover of the book, and then press it under a few heavy books for twenty minutes.

Step 3: Start Cuttting

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After twenty minutes, the pages should stick together in a block and look like this. Draw a rectangle around the first page, about a centimeter away from the edges, then cut on the lines with the knife.

Step 4: Cut On!

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Keep cutting down, and cutting down, until you find a good place to stop.

Step 5: Close to Done...

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It should now look like this from the outside. Now, squeeze glue out, again to the brim, and lightly layer it on the inside of the book, but keeping the bottom page clear of glue.

Step 6: Finishing...

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Now, There will probably be a gap in the outside layer of the book, so glue it back together and press it like you did in one of the first steps, but for more stability, a third eraser in the middle will help the pressing. For twenty minutes again, press it under books.

Step 7: You're Done!

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Though your workspace may look like this, it was probably worth it! All you need to do now, it get a paper towel a little damp, and wipe off the edges and maybe the inside too.

Step 8: Finished

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Press the book overnight, and in the morning it is dry, and complete! I hope you liked the tutorial, and enjoy the secret book safe!


ValveWizard made it! (author)2017-02-20

I don't know what Elmer's glue is. I used PVA glue mixed 50/50 with water.

Averna (author)2016-04-22

me too - I hid my stash in "the Bobbsy Twins of Lakeport" in the 70's...

mylittleponybro (author)2016-02-01


Sara Bears (author)2016-01-31

I have the perfect book! Great instructions!

imcp1024 (author)2016-01-31

Salvation lies within. Great instruct able.

sandypro14 (author)2016-01-31

Great tutorial, thanks!

anasdad (author)2016-01-30

Nice job!

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