We always try to keep our stuff protected from thieves. There are many safes in the market but almost all of them are very expensive and it´s the first place where thieves will look. So a clever alternative solution would be buy a book safe, but why buy something that can be easily made at home with a bit of time and patience.

I´ve always wanted to make my own hidden book storage but the problem was that i don´t have any thick hardcover book so I came up with my own way of making one.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

- Cardboard 6” x 12” (I got mine from a box).

- Cardstock (to give the cover a better look).

- Glue.

- A pencil.

- A sharp knife.

- A brush for applying glue.

- A ruler.

- Something heavy like a weight. (Anything will do, as long as it holds things down while the glue dries)

And some patience..

Step 2: Making the Cover

First grab your ruler and and your sharp knife and decide how big you want the cover sections and how tall (spine) you want your book, I suggest you draw a guide line to see where you want to cut. (Photo 1)

Start cutting BUT don´t cut all the way just apply a little pressure to the knife until you are about half way through the cardboard so now you can bend it. (Photo 2 - 4)

Step 3: Attach to Card Stock

Cut a piece of card stock a bigger tan your cardboard. You should left a half inch strip of the card stock on all four sides.

Glue it to the cardboard try to do it one section at a time, put something heavy over it and leave it dry for a few minutes before you do the same with the next section.

Lift the top flap ,add a dot of glue and glue flap in place. Do this to all sides. Your assembled piece should look like the image in (photo 11).

Step 4: Making the "Pages"

Cut three pieces of white cardboard , these will be the “pages” of our book, glue pages to the base of the book and let it dry for a few minutes, it´s important to leave about half an inch on each side.

After the glue has hardened, apply more glue to reinforce everything I was going to use some small pieces of cardboard to reinforce the corners but didn't feel it was necessary . If you want a more finished appearance you can paint the interior or glue felt to the inside to cover up the glued edges.

Step 5: Making the Lock

So now you have most of the book done it´s time to make the lock. I decided to make a small lock mechanism with small pieces of cardboard this will the make the book close better or also you can use a couple of small magnets but this step is optional.

Step 6: Time to Decorate the Cover

You can decorate or draw whatever you want on the cover of your book (in my case I choose a Superman logo) or you can write a tittle and try to make it look more like a real book .

I made one to my Mom and she decided to glue some paper roses to decorate the cover of her book.

Step 7: Finished

It's finished! Now you have a book safe you can be proud to show your Friends and hide your "valuable stuff" in. It´s also a good gift for your friends or girlfriend.

I hope you enjoyed this, it´s my first instructable so please comment and if you decided to give it a try post a picture in the comments.

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