Picture of DIY Booklet Stapler
A lot of you might recognize this problem. You are printing a booklet at home or at the office but you only have a normal stapler. With this normal stapler there is no good way to staple a booklet. There are special staplers for booklets, but they are very bulky and expensive (so nobody has them).

I was thinking that it would be possible to staple booklets with a small (and cheap) stapler when the head of the stapler would be turned 90 degrees. So I made some quick sketches.

This is my cheap way to make such a stapler.

You will need:
  • A stapler (I found myself a really nice small one for under 2,-)
  • Some metal profiles (I used aluminum) 
  • Bolts and nuts (I used M4)
  • A saw (could be a hacksaw, but I love my bandsaw)
  • Screwdriver
  • File (or sander)
  • A drillpress (or normal drill)

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Step 1: The donor

Picture of The donor
The donor stapler

To make it easy and compact I found myself a cheap, small and mostly plastic stapler. The plastic is easy to cut.
First you will need to cut of the bottom part of the stapler.
I had to cut off some sharp corners from the top part to clean it up.
From the bottom part I cut off the braces to make it smooth.

Step 2: Top arm

Picture of Top arm
The top arm

For the arms I used some aluminum rectangular tubing that I had lying around.
I marked the width of the stapler-top and cut that width from the tubing.
Next I cut the tube to length (I just cut where I liked without any measurements)

Step 3: Bottom arm

Picture of Bottom arm
The bottom arm

We want to make the bottom arm the same length as the top one.
Because I had to overcome the thickness of the material in the arms, I cut out the bottom arm in an angle.

profpat2 years ago
nice one! we heeded one last December 2012 to bind some missalete for a sister wedding, we bought a new one!
pvenosa2 years ago
Amazing! Thanks a lot!
msaleiro2 years ago
Great idea and execution! Congratulations! :)
raiderdk2 years ago
This opens so many posibilities, like hole punchers :D
CementTruck2 years ago
That's a pretty cool hack. Wile E. Coyote would be proud!
Phil B2 years ago
This is a very clever, out-of-the-box way of doing it. I love the clear, well-lit photos. I did a similar Instructable, but more along conventional lines. It is linked at the right side of the page. I recently modified it to remove some side-to-side play that sometimes resulted in misformed staples, but there are no photos of the modifications posted. Thank you for doing this.
rimar20002 years ago
Good idea, clever solution.