Step 2: Sew the Seams & Elastic

Put the faux fur inside out, match up the edges and sew the seams. Use firm pressure to feed it carefully under the presser foot. I used both a zigzag stitch and a straight stitch to reinforce the edges.

From here, you need to take out your elastic, measure around the area you want it to be placed, depending on the boot topper you're making - and cut it out. Then, sew the seam on the elastic so it is a loop.

Take the elastic and put it where you want to sew it onto the boot topper, lining up the seams. There are several ways to sew it on. You can fold the faux fur over the elastic, then hold it taut while sewing them together. If you want to make the reversible leg warmer as seen in my image, you just need to take a few more steps. There is no need to hem the bottom of the fur as that would ruin how it looks - so it is done!

To Make the Reversible Boot Topper:
You do the same you would with the regular boot topper, but cut out an additional two pieces of material for the lining/reverse side. I used a stretchy fabric with snowflakes on it - and I sewed the bottom seams of the snowflake material under.

After the seams along the sides of the faux fur and the seams along the sides of the snowflake material were sewn, I then placed them in this order: The fur was right side out, while I took the stretchy material (used for the reverse side) and made it inside out. Then, I took the inside out material and pulled it over the fur and lined up the seams and edges. I then took the elastic circle and pinned it in the middle of the fur and stretchy material (only in one spot because it was so small there was not space to pin it any further). See image for clearer explanation. Then, I pulled it taut and  sewed through all three layers and turned it inside out - and it was all done! Reversible boot toppers!
<p>Great easy instructions. Cant wait to try them for my daughters Snow Leopard Costume! </p>
Amazing instructable! I think women look beautiful with boots, and you made an awesome job! Thanks for sharing! :-)
Well thank you Mario! These things are a necessity where I live...it is SOOO cold here and I am always freezing..they help a lot..the long ones anyway! And no one else is ever wearing the same thing as me since I made them myself!
I love your idea! Absolutely brilliant!
Thank you! ;)
Nice, very inventive Holly...voted!
Thanks so much Davin!
Oh, those look so comfy! And stylish :D
Thanks Penolopy! They're really warm and easy to make!
<br>On very chic and very well done! :-)
Thanks Shazni - I love your scarf project too!

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