Step 3: Pictures - You're Done!

That's all! You're done! Here are a bunch of pictures of the ones I made today! Hope you share yours too!
<p>Great easy instructions. Cant wait to try them for my daughters Snow Leopard Costume! </p>
Amazing instructable! I think women look beautiful with boots, and you made an awesome job! Thanks for sharing! :-)
Well thank you Mario! These things are a necessity where I live...it is SOOO cold here and I am always freezing..they help a lot..the long ones anyway! And no one else is ever wearing the same thing as me since I made them myself!
I love your idea! Absolutely brilliant!
Thank you! ;)
Nice, very inventive Holly...voted!
Thanks so much Davin!
Oh, those look so comfy! And stylish :D
Thanks Penolopy! They're really warm and easy to make!
<br>On very chic and very well done! :-)
Thanks Shazni - I love your scarf project too!

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Bio: Army Vet. I love learning & being creative.
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