Step 1: DIY Borax Crystals

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In this Instructibles, I will teach you step by step, how to make colored DIY crystals! ( I will make 2, but you only need one.)

Step 2: What U Need

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You will need borax, glass jar, pencil, string, pipe cleaner, and food coloring!

Step 3: Step 1

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Make the pipe cleaner into a shape. Make sure the inside of the shape has a sot of grid shape. Then take your string, tie it to the shape, and then tie it to a pencil.

Step 4: Step 2

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Add some food coloring to the cup. Boil some water and pour it into the cup.

Step 5: Step 3

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Put 5 table spoons of borax in the cup. Mix it until it almost desolves. Put it in a pot with warm water on the stove to keep it warm while you do the next few steps.

Step 6: Step 4

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Cut a soliton the cardboard and in the slit, place the pencil on the top, and the string on the bottom. Put the cardboard on top of the jar. With the pipe cleaner in the water. Turn the stove off, keeping the other things where they are.

Step 7: Step 5

Leave it for 12 hours before touching. Then, take the crystals out and there you have it, yay


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