this is a fun, quick and easy craft you can do to make your own rings paying less than 20 dollars!

Step 1: Items

all you need for this is some rose gold wire, and some tweezers which you can get both at Joanne

Step 2: Cutting

use your tweezers to cut the wire with a length of about 3-4 inches long

Step 3: Loops

make a loop about the size of your pinky finger

Step 4: Making the Bow

Take one end of the wire and loop it into a bow loop sort of shape

Step 5: Making the Bow Pt.2

take the other end of the wire and loop it into that same bow loop shape

Step 6: Trim

use your tweezers to cut the end of the bow where the green arrow is pointing on the picture

Step 7: Love It!

now your bow ring is suitable to wear!!
sorry I have a bad camera
it would be nice if your pictures were clear so we could see what you are doing. <br>

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