Picture of DIY - Boy Scout Neckerchief (Bandage Size)
This article will focus on some neckerchiefs that I designed and made for the local Boy Scout troop.  They were designed to be bandage neckerchiefs to aid in the practice of first-aid emergency treatments.  In total 24 neckerchiefs were made. As it turned out, these were nicer, stronger and slightly less expensive than buying new ones. 

►Summer camp was coming up and we needed to do two things: 1. Make a flag   2. get neckerchiefs for the boys.
The scout store was no longer nearby and the neckerchiefs were expensive. They were also too small for our need, so we got a little creative. My wife helped the troop choose the colors, another parent stitched the edges and my son & I handled the graphics.

How are we involved? Why are we doing this?: My son is 14 years old and is an active participant in the Boy Scouts of America program.  My wife and I help whenever we can.  Many other great families contribute as well to this group locally and we feel it is a worthwhile program for young men.  My dad always said that if you keep a young man busy, he can't get into too much trouble. I encourage all youth to involve their families in their activities and interests and for parents to be apart of their children's lives.

DESIGN NOTES & FYI: We made these from a black cotton/poly blend fabric. I designed the graphics in Adobe Illustrator (file available if you desire it). I then used a vinyl cutter to cut the designs out of colored iron-on athletic jersey vinyl.  This stuff is a very thin film that is backed by a clear plastic heat-resistant sheet.  Simply peel away the unnecessary vinyl, flip and iron. The stuff won't come off even if it's abused--so it's a great idea for this project. Another parent & friend (name withheld for privacy) created the beautiful edging that you see on these neckerchiefs. It was done with a serger machine using red thread.

What we used:
  • Black cotton/poly blend fabric cut to a triangle with two short sides of between 34" - 35 " and a long side of ~ 53"- 54"
  • Vinyl Iron-On Athletic Jersey Film
  • Vinyl Cutter & Vector Graphics Program (Adobe Illustrator, InkScape, ..etc)
  • Iron on HIGH-heat setting with absolutely no steam (best not to have water in the iron at all for this project)
  • Scissors
  • fabric tape measure
  • Meter-long aluminum straight-edge/ruler to guide the cutting of the fabric pattern
  • a pizza-cutter style fabric knife
  • Red Cotton Thread
  • Time...Time....Time.
  • Did I mention Patience?
  • You will need an extra hand or two on this (scout buddy system!) or it will take yet even more time
Let's get started...

amyc20002 years ago
This is simply incredible. You are one talented DIY'er
M.Hawse (author)  amyc20002 years ago
'preciate it!