Picture of DIY Braided Clay Bracelet

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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
What you will need:

Polymer clay
Razor blade

Step 2: Soften up clay

Picture of Soften up clay
Knead the clay with your hands to soften it up.

Step 3: Roll three tubes

Picture of Roll three tubes
Using the palm of your hand roll out three long tubes.

Step 4: Begin braiding

Picture of Begin braiding
Mash the top of the tubes together and begin braiding.

Step 5: Adjust length

Picture of Adjust length

Using your own wrist as a guide determine how long you want to make your bracelet. Use the razor blade to slice off the remainder.

Step 6: Connect ends

Picture of Connect ends

Connect the two ends and gently mash ( I cant think of a better word so mash it is) the two ends together.

Bake for 25 minutes at 245 degrees.

Step 7: All baked and ready to wear

Picture of All baked and ready to wear
You can make as many as you want. 
Akansha_luv2 months ago
Quick question, if you measured the braid so that it could wrap snugly around you wrist, and then joined the two sides, how would you put it on after it was baked and hard?
chocolatechip5 months ago

I made some of these and all of them broke while I was wearing them.

Terrylj311 months ago
I can't keep the snake width equal all the way through
knam253 years ago
Where can I buy Polyform products?
knam25: IF you're in the US they carry it at Michael's or Joanne's or any other big craft stores. Outside the US you might try online. Just google 'sculpey' and see what comes up? Some time ago I bought some to make a Santa head and just played with it until I'd created a really life-like face and head. Surprised even myself, so kept going. It's a fun product.
ScottyGS1 year ago
Hi Lindsay: you have MY vote, not only for the braided bracelets, but your bangles. I had thought I might enter since I also make items with polymer clay, but I think your bracelets beat my stuff hands-down. :) I'm DEFINITELY going to make a few of these--especially as Xmas gifts. Loved the turquoise bangle, and now the braided ones--since I knit they remind me of the knit stitch..perfect for my own tastes. Good luck!
Nekolove021 year ago
Reunite? Mush? Press together? Fuse? Letting the singles mingle? Merge? Conjoin? Interbreed?

I love this simple yet awesome designs! I have some glay which I have been dying to use so this would be a great project for me hahaha
Wow, that's amazing
fxedfool2 years ago
join or blend would have worked fine :)
mstyle1833 years ago
good luck.. they look great
wolfe24d3 years ago
when you say the bracelets are all baked...what do you have to do to make the bracelets harden and not crack??
If you have properly conditioned the clay (kneaded it, so it's soft & flexible) and cured it (baked it) according to the directions on the package, it should hold up pretty well, but you can ensure flexibility and strength by also buying some of the "Sculpey Elasticlay" and kneading a small amount into the clay you're making your piece from. Also, don't make an individual "snake" thinner than 1/8". Lastly, for all kinds of helpful hints, tips, & pointers, go to --they have forums and contests, and a wonderful community.
suayres3 years ago
Need to make a couple of corrections on my comment above (darn autocorrect, anyway!).: And THESE are the correct URLs, not the ones below (above?)
lindsaykujawa (author) 3 years ago
Thank you everyone!!

You bake them for about 20 min at 275 degrees
djlewis7253 years ago
you got my vote for the play with clay challenge.
OliveLady3 years ago
How long do you bake them for and at what temperature?
lindsaykujawa (author) 3 years ago
Wolfe24d - To harden the clay you need to bake it in the oven. Once they are baked they are actually slightly bendy and flexible which makes them such a great material to work with, They will not crack once baked.
ZoDo3 years ago
I like what you did. The gray one looks like it's made from stone. Nice
BrittLiv3 years ago
Those look great! I especially like the colour combination.