Step 7: Put It All Together!

Picture of Put It All Together!
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Now that you have all your pieces its time to put it all together!

Front and Back: Start by lacing up the front the underwear together by matching up the center seams of two underwear pattern pieces.  Lace them up with a slim jim.  See diagram for lacing instructions.  Do the same thing for the back using the other two patter pieces.

Crotch: attach the crotch piece to the front and back pieces of the underwear.  

Attach Sides:  with all the pieces attached together, fold the pieces in half in the center of the crotch so the front and back of the underwear are on top of each other.  Lace up the sides like in image 5.

Now that your all laced up you may be worried about the structural integrity of your new briefs, but lets be honest - these aren't meant to be worn for long periods of time!
clairea19 months ago

wouldn't it burn her vagina