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Introduction: DIY Build - One Sheet Plywood - 48 Bins Organizer

How to build a very simple wall organizer using one single sheet of plywood and 48 plastic bins. I am building my workshop and I needed to add storage for my small parts. Quick and easy to build, this will organize my workshop. Im using small plastic bins : 6"1/4 wide, 3"3/4 high, 7"1/2 depth.

Step 1: ​Material :

For this project, you will need :

- 1 full plywood sheet (48"x96") or in my case i had some leftover plywood. (5/8 Thick)

- Wood Glue

- Nails or Screws ( or both for stronger build )

- Paint ( I used leftover wall paint )

Tools :

Table Saw

Miter Saw

18GA air Nailer


Drill or Impact Driver

Step 2: Cutting PLAN

Here is the cutting plan for all 15 pcs.

Step 3: Cutting the Pieces

Im using my table saw and my miter saw to cut all the 15 pcs.

13X : 24"3/4 x 7"1/2 (629mm x 178mm)

2x : 62"1/8 x 7"1/2 (1578mm x 178mm)

Once it's done, im sanding all pieces before assembling.

Step 4: Assembling Parts

Im using two 4"½ spacers to make sure i have the same distance between shelves. It also makes my job easier. Im using wood glue and brad nails. Later i will put trim screw to to add strength.

Step 5: Adding Screws for Stronger Build

Because i plan to put a lot of weight in my bins, im adding screw to add strength. It's for my workshop but i still want a clean look. So trim screw have a smaller head than regular wood screw, and im using a jig i made to make sure that the same distance separates them.

Step 6: Painting

Im using leftover latex wall paint to add some color to the plywood.

Step 7: Final Result

Now it's time to mount on the wall. I located 2 studs and used metal cornet brackets to make sure it's solid. I plan to put lot of stuff into my bins. I will add labels later. Im starting my youtube channel about DIY's and i have build this wall organizer for all my small parts.

Thanks for reading my first instructable.

You can also watch the full video of this build here :

More projects here :



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    Excellent storage of various items in bins and in this lovely bin cabinet. Thanks for sharing.

    Not sure how that works out. Your bin is 6 1/4 wide x4=25 in. and your shelves are cut at 24 3/4.

    Funny, but I noticed that immediately, too. (I live in a country where "inches" are only for TV screens!) Any response from the original poster?


    I love your spacer jigs, they were pretty sweet.

    Nice instructable. If you paint it before assembly it'll be much easier. You can just roll it. Paint your end cuts too if it's going in your garage or basement.

    That looks awesome! I would LOVE something like that for all of my sewing stuff. :)

    I was thinking the same thing.

    I was thinking in that direction, too.

    I hang my cabinets in my shop with French Cleats. It makes it very easy to mount, reorganize and move them. That way I don't have to worry about hitting the studs once my rails are mounted to the wall. I might use them to mount my kitchen cupboards when I eventually renovate the kitchen.

    Found from his YouTube comments, these are the bins he used: