How to build a very simple wall organizer using one single sheet of plywood and 48 plastic bins. I am building my workshop and I needed to add storage for my small parts. Quick and easy to build, this will organize my workshop. Im using small plastic bins : 6"1/4 wide, 3"3/4 high, 7"1/2 depth.

Step 1: ​Material :

For this project, you will need :

- 1 full plywood sheet (48"x96") or in my case i had some leftover plywood. (5/8 Thick)

- Wood Glue

- Nails or Screws ( or both for stronger build )

- Paint ( I used leftover wall paint )

Tools :

Table Saw

Miter Saw

18GA air Nailer


Drill or Impact Driver

Step 2: Cutting PLAN

Here is the cutting plan for all 15 pcs.

Step 3: Cutting the Pieces

Im using my table saw and my miter saw to cut all the 15 pcs.

13X : 24"3/4 x 7"1/2 (629mm x 178mm)

2x : 62"1/8 x 7"1/2 (1578mm x 178mm)

Once it's done, im sanding all pieces before assembling.

Step 4: Assembling Parts

Im using two 4"½ spacers to make sure i have the same distance between shelves. It also makes my job easier. Im using wood glue and brad nails. Later i will put trim screw to to add strength.

Step 5: Adding Screws for Stronger Build

Because i plan to put a lot of weight in my bins, im adding screw to add strength. It's for my workshop but i still want a clean look. So trim screw have a smaller head than regular wood screw, and im using a jig i made to make sure that the same distance separates them.

Step 6: Painting

Im using leftover latex wall paint to add some color to the plywood.

Step 7: Final Result

Now it's time to mount on the wall. I located 2 studs and used metal cornet brackets to make sure it's solid. I plan to put lot of stuff into my bins. I will add labels later. Im starting my youtube channel about DIY's and i have build this wall organizer for all my small parts.

Thanks for reading my first instructable.

You can also watch the full video of this build here : https://youtu.be/MPj2apcCdhw

More projects here : youtube.com/SEBTECHDIY

Not sure how that works out. Your bin is 6 1/4 wide x4=25 in. and your shelves are cut at 24 3/4.
<p>Funny, but I noticed that immediately, too. (I live in a country where &quot;inches&quot; are only for TV screens!) Any response from the original poster?</p><p>Adam</p>
<p>I love your spacer jigs, they were pretty sweet.</p>
<p>Nice instructable. If you paint it before assembly it'll be much easier. You can just roll it. Paint your end cuts too if it's going in your garage or basement.</p>
<p>That looks awesome! I would LOVE something like that for all of my sewing stuff. :)</p>
I was thinking the same thing.
<p>I was thinking in that direction, too.</p>
<p>I hang my cabinets in my shop with French Cleats. It makes it very easy to mount, reorganize and move them. That way I don't have to worry about hitting the studs once my rails are mounted to the wall. I might use them to mount my kitchen cupboards when I eventually renovate the kitchen.</p>
<p>Found from his YouTube comments, these are the bins he used:</p><p>https://www.amazon.com/KIS-Accessory-2-2-Quart-2-1-Liter-20-Pack/dp/B00BJ04MD6/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_3?ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1495746461&amp;sr=8-3-fkmr1&amp;keywords=kis+omni+box</p>
<p>Very simple and sooo useful! Love it!</p>
<p>Great build, I need something like that for my new workshop <em>(when I get round to fitting it out)</em>.</p>
<p>I too would like to know - where did you get your plastic bins ? How much were they ? In hindsight is there anything you would have done differently about the build ?</p>
<p>That screw jig is pure genius! This would also mount easily on the wall with a <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_cleat" rel="nofollow">french clea</a>t setup </p>
<p>That screw placement jig... simple and genius. </p>
<p>Nice, simple and well done. Can you link to your source for bins?</p>
<p>Awesome idea, job and instructable!!! Thank you</p>
<p>Very nice reference and great job on your first instructable. Question - is it really necessary to use 5/8&quot; thick stock for the shelves? How heavy are your parts? Thx. J</p>
<p>Can never have enough storage drawers, quality clear plastic bins with decent pulls are hard to find, do you have an inexpensive source for yours?</p>
<p>Nice clean build. Thumbs Up!</p>

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