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Introduction: D.I.Y Bull Horns for Bike

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After building up a classic 90s fixie, I needed some nice bull horn bars.Obviously the thought of dropping 50 knicker to buy some didn't occur to me.A lot o f things can be reused or upcycled to another purpose. When  was younger we used to chop up 'drop bars' like in the 70s but they don't have the length.

items =


Lawn mower

bike ( presumably)

Step 1:

get lawnmower from shed, cut off top part of handle to length you require.N.B if you still wish to use lawnmower you can make a flat bar handle out of a pvc pipe or bamboo. drill 2 holes in it and you are in business.

you can get wrecked mowers from mower repair shop,dump shop, your mower.

put it on a stem, jobs done.



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I thought they were a great idea I too wanted bullhorns but did not want to pay the money. So I went to the junk yard and found a couple lawn mowers so I decided to buy the handle that looked exactly like yours. I cut them a little lower for the looks and that’s when I ran in to my first problem. The bar ends. The shape of the bar is a little off of being a perfect circle so I ended up breaking the plastic ones. I then found some old aluminum anti vibration ends meant for a motorcycle that fit great. Second challenge was my stem on a 1970 Raleigh record would not tighten on the bars since it’s so small. I am going to have to buy a riser of some sort or make one from the left over pipe but either way great idea and they look pretty sweet I just need to wrap mine. I will post what I did for the riser part and a pic of when they are done and installed on my bike great idea




This is what I used and it worked great


Well I ended up wrapping masking tape for the spacer and then wrapped it in electrical tape I’m pretty sure once I tighten the stem it should be good to go but you can’t deny this does look freaking awesome. For now it’s tear down time then sand and paint then put together. Great idea love the look and price was great as well

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I think I used a big of pvc pipe to thicken bar for stem.

Awesome so I found a tube like pvc but a little softer and it worked only thing is I had to change the stem from the Raleigh to a beach cruiser stem and it held great. it was a little to big for my Raleigh stem but its sturdy as hell on the beach cruiser stem. I will eventually buy a new one but for now it will do. I will upload pics as soon as I get home from work.

what the heck, better explanations please. i don't understand anything about this except using a hacksaw to cut up a lawnmower.