DIY Bunk Bed Set, With Stairs, Cubbie Shelves and of Course.....a Slide!





Introduction: DIY Bunk Bed Set, With Stairs, Cubbie Shelves and of Course.....a Slide!

I enjoy making Bunk Beds that are made to last a lifetime! Here are a few that I have made. One of these days, and if someone is even interested, I will make an "Instructional" and walk you through how i make them so you can make one for you and your family! 

Enjoy  :{)

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Do you have plans for sale? I would like to build a bunk bed with stairs as storage too.

Can you please share your plans for this bunk bed, I'd love to make this for my son!

Hello Jenica and thank you for your interest in my Custom Beds. I do not have a specific set of plans for this one. However i'll see what i can do to come up with something for you to make something similar for your son, how exciting!
Thanks, Mike :{)

We are in the process of making this bed now, anything you can share to help with the slide side?

Hello Janica. I have a new job that has taken a lot of my extra time so i haven't been able to make the plans like i had hoped to, sorry about that. The Slide is really simple. First decide on where you want to locate it on your bed, either from the front or from the side. Then measure from there to the floor and establish the angle of decent you want. The White board material is great to use as it does not allow their little bums to slide to fast. It is a smooth material but not too slippery! After you measure the angle of the decent that you're happy with, that length will now be the length of the slide. You can use either 2"x3"s of 2"x4"s. Cut two of them to length for the two sides of the slide. Then decide on how wide you want it to be, like 14"-18". I then cut several middle pieces of the same 2x3 or 2x4 as cross braces underneath as supports for carrying the weight of the one sliding. I layed the two rails down side by side, marked out about every 12" and cut several pieces to fit in between the two rails. Two side rails are standing upright and the middle pieces are all laying down flat, everything is flush with the bottom of the rails. I then angle cut the two top ends to match the bed rail and the tow bottom ends to match the floor. Later, when you attach the Slide to the Bed rails, I predrilled the holes from the inside of the bed rail and then used two long screws at each attaching side rail. The floor end simply lays flat on the floor. Now that the rails and middle braces are cut out, lay them out and pre-drill two holes one each end, drilling through the side rail and into the middle brace, two screws attach at each end of each piece. Once it is all screwed together(and square), now measure the inside of the two slide rails and cut out a corresponding piece of White-Board. (Prior to installing the White-Board, sand everything their little hands will be next to). Then, I used a small brad nailer and attached the White-Board to the cross-support pieces. Then measure and cut two long pieces of 1/4" round trim to fit, I 45 degree cut each end for aesthetics and brad nailed into place. ENJOY!!

Super Excited you made this set. I'd love to see some pictures too.

Mike :{)

Hi - what material is the slide made with? Thanks

Thank you for your interest. I make them out of a material called White Board. They are fairly inexpensive at Our local Lowes home improvement store. I also use them for a busy station for smaller ones as a dry erase board. I've also seen the same material used to line shower walls as it is pretty durable. Just make sure when you go to cut it down to the size you want, that you cut from the brown side leaving you a nice edge on the white side. ?

Hello again Natasha, i checked and it looks like Salt Lake City Utah would be half way between us lol.... sorry. :{)

im interested very much so

Hello Natasha, which set are you interested in and i'll see if i can help you through it. Or, if you are close to my area, i might be able to build a set for you at a reasonable cost and my boys and i deliver it as well if possible. Or maybe we can build it and then meet you half way if that works out better if you live too far away.
Thank you for your interest, please let me know what you decide.