As most of you already know, some Canon DSLR have a dedicated plug for the remote. This is pretty annoying, especially when we want to make a special diy shot controller. The easy way is to buy a cheap remote and cut the plug from it, and there is also the chance to find a remote which has a socket to connect a common 3.5mm audio jack to shot and focus contacts.
I'm sure to have one of them, but I'm not sure where it is ;-) so I decided to DIM (do it myself!) an N3 plug.

Step 1: The Reference

I'm lucky to already have a compatible shutter remote (which I use for timelapses), this is necessary because we need obviously a reference to model our plug, and we don't want to flow resin into the camera socket, do we?
<p>Great instructable. I made another one myself converting a mini XLR connector but your instructable can be adapted to any kind of connector.</p>
On one hand these are cheap enough that I'd probably just buy one for the end. On the other hand, this is a really good technique for creating hard to find/expensive plugs, so good project.
Nice Instructable! I don't have a Canon DSLR but the methods you demonstrate should come in handy with all sorts of electronic plugs!
yes of course, furthermore I can say this is one of the most difficult because of the very thin space between pins and border.

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