Picture of DIY CD LPT Desktop Light + Video
In this instructable I will show how to make your own CD LPT Desktop Light .
I came to the idea of making this after I saw the Instructable of how to make an Simple music light show
I really liked the idea of controlling Led's trough an printer port. 
So it thought, 'Why not make that with some old Cd's?'. 
Here's the result, I hope you like it. 

It’s very easy to make and the materials are very easy to find.
Just follow the steps and enjoy the build.  

The Video:
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The materials you need are not so hard to find. 
Most people already got them.  

- Hot Glue Pistol
- Many old cd's
- Wires ( I've used an old internet cable, witch is perfect for this project)
- An old printer port  
- Scissor 
- 8 led's 
- Soldering Iron

Step 2: Making The stacks

Picture of Making The stacks
Now you want to make stacks of cd's in wich you put the led's. 
Depending on how many cd's you have you are going to make stacks. 
In my case, I was having around 45 Cd's. 
So I made stacks of around 5 Cd's each.

Every Cd needs the be hot glued onto each other. 
So that at one point you are having 9 stacks of Cd's. 
Be careful with the hot glue, you don't want to bent the Cd's. 

After every 5 Cd's you glue a Cd on top with a gap in it. (See the image)
That's for the Led and the wires that are connected tot the Led. 
Simple cut it out with a scissor. 
Some Cd's may break, just pick a new one. 
Kirbsome!4 years ago
I just tried this, and it works like a charm!
noik (author)  Kirbsome!4 years ago
Nice, do you may have pictures of your project?
I am very curious!
Kirbsome! noik4 years ago
Sure thing.
The original connector was broken, had to solder on a new one.
(thats why the connector looks messy)
noik (author)  Kirbsome!4 years ago
Very nice,
I also had problems with the connector :)
zazenergy4 years ago
Cool desktop light! Yes, I would absolutely love to see a video of this!
noik (author)  zazenergy4 years ago
Thanks's, the video has been added!