In this instructable I will show how to make your own CD LPT Desktop Light .
I came to the idea of making this after I saw the Instructable of how to make an Simple music light show
I really liked the idea of controlling Led's trough an printer port. 
So it thought, 'Why not make that with some old Cd's?'. 
Here's the result, I hope you like it. 

It’s very easy to make and the materials are very easy to find.
Just follow the steps and enjoy the build.  

The Video:

Step 1: Materials

The materials you need are not so hard to find. 
Most people already got them.  

- Hot Glue Pistol
- Many old cd's
- Wires ( I've used an old internet cable, witch is perfect for this project)
- An old printer port  
- Scissor 
- 8 led's 
- Soldering Iron

<p>No, that's not good, but should not there be resistance? If I read correctly the stress that is submitted is 5 volts, and diodes operate at 3.3 volts or less at someone.</p>
I just tried this, and it works like a charm!
Nice, do you may have pictures of your project?<br>I am very curious!
Sure thing.<br>The original connector was broken, had to solder on a new one.<br>(thats why the connector looks messy)
Very nice,<br>I also had problems with the connector :)
Cool desktop light! Yes, I would absolutely love to see a video of this!
Thanks's, the video has been added!

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