DIY - CHEAP POWER SUPPLY (Without Transformer)





Introduction: DIY - CHEAP POWER SUPPLY (Without Transformer)


Please it's very lethal . You can't handle this without care if you do you will die i make sure !

Hi, this i time i came up with a very cheap power supply it's NOT for beginners!. They used to make simple things like some lights or any moving thing with motors they cause use this power supply in complex circuit as well cause it's quiet safe but not much so careful. You will need some simple components like capacitors and diodes. They will cost you around 10 to 20 dollars or around 80 rupees. You can make it at home !

Step 1: Fetching Parts!

You need a couple of components which you can get at a nearby electrical workshop or from radioshack. These are listed below :

1. One ceramic capacitor of 250 volts and 1 micro-farrad . The value of the capacitor should be 105.

2. Five IN4007 diodes . You need to make a diode bridge using four of them and one should be used for another purpose.

3. One Zener diode with the zener voltage o 5 volts.

4. One LED as indicator.

5. One resistor . the value should be around 500 OHMS.

6. One Electrolytic Capacitor of value 470 micro-farrad and of voltage 5volts.

7. One 400k resistor.

Step 2: The Main Circuit

Here's the main circuit. All assembled with no errors . It don't get hot even when you make it work for 10 hours or more.

Step 3: The Finished Product.

Here is the complete assembled circuit with low dc voltage out!



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    India has one of the worst standards for safety...please dont build this.

    Bad to say you're right but we also produce the best Appliances with the best security standards and even the governmental factory just near my home it produces one of safest appliances in the world with no errors ! yup, no problem here.

    This is the way anyone cannot do see the man's mind that in over 1000 wires he is repairing his wire's connection and see his bravery it's dangerous but it's the work of braves! and think think how many wires he has to sort out of this it's not a work of intelligent but i can only by an intelligent!

    I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are trying to say. All I can say is that unsafe practices are never intelligent or a good idea.

    Perhaps it's right and i can't refuse it but there are still some places in which you can find best security measures other than in any parallel or our "universe".


    "I got this circuit from and chinese led lamp" -- not the place to be learning how to correctly and safely build a mains power supply.

    All other worries aside, the 250v capacitor is underrated, you don't actually think that a 250v supply only has 250v there? The peak voltage is higher, never mind all the spikes from devices switching on and off. 400v capacitor maybe. And not some cheap ceramic disc scavenged from a project.

    Power supplies like this are fine IF designed correctly (this one isn't), AND entirely enclosed (it's not) AND the output isn't connected to anything "outside the box".

    But i've correctly metioned it's cheap! I build it cause it's pretty cheaper to me i am not going to buy one transformer insted of that i should prefer to buy one capacitor!

    But i've correctly metioned it's cheap! I build it cause it's pretty cheaper to me i am not going to buy one transformer insted of that i should prefer to buy one capacitor!


    And when C1 does eventually short out, C2 will turn firecracker ...