Picture of DIY CNC Graphics cutter hack
CNC Cutter.jpg
   After 40 years of using old school ways to make things I finally took the plunge into high tech and built a router cnc machine.All I can say is wow,I'm loving it.In the spirit of making it more versatile I came up with a vinyl cutter hack to create stickers graphics etc.
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Step 1: DIY CNC Graphics cutter hack

Picture of DIY CNC Graphics cutter hack
   After looking at many variations of router mount swivel cutters I came across this deepcut blade and holder assembly made by Cricut model 2001401.After watching many videos of watching the machine in action I thought I could make it work and best of all only 32 bucks CDN.Check out purchased mine from a Michaels craft store.

Step 2: DIY CNC Graphics cutter hack

Picture of DIY CNC Graphics cutter hack
   The first step was making a bracket to adapt the blade holder to my machine.I chose Delrin as it is easily cut with hand or power tools and is very strong.I cut and drilled the bracket in one piece and cut off the clamping part at the end with my bandsaw witch reduced the 9/16 diameter hole just enough to provide clamping pressure on the cutter holder.The other dimensions are adaptable to my machine but I'm sure yours will vary.All fasteners are 10-24 drilled with a 5/32 drill bit and tapped.The holes in the clamping part were enlarged to 3/16 to allow the clamp to tighten around the cutter holder.
motions11 months ago

Great info. Much better to use one machine for multiple projects. I had thought about doing this but I didn't really know how a vinyl cutter worked. Does the blade just spin and follow the work or is the spin controlled by the machine?

tsi1952 (author)  motions11 months ago

The blade is held in by a magnet and just spins in whatever direction the machine is traveling.

muh19671 year ago
Very interest, please can buy this project included H/w and S/w, actually I have to modified it to be suitable with other application. Thanks for reply
tsi1952 (author)  muh19671 year ago
are you referring to the machine
TDaddy1 year ago
What software/drivers were used?
tsi1952 (author)  TDaddy1 year ago
I use CamBam for the machining and mach 3 for post processor
fireerl1 year ago
Very nice "instructable". This mod to your CNC is straight foreward and works well. With the added advantage that you may shift between the two modes. Well Done.
out of curiosity, What type/manufacture is your CNC machine? or did you make that as well? It looks like a very clean line machine.
tsi1952 (author)  fireerl1 year ago
Thanks for your comments.Yes I did build the machine its loosely based on the e book.Its my second attempt the first a combo of aluminum and wood was just a little underpowered for my needs.We had a sheet of 1/2 inch acrylic kicking around the shop and thought it would be a little more stable material than wood and also give me a good visual to tweek its operation.
Thank you for the info. Again, a very clean looking machine...Got my vote. Cheers.