Step 25: Table Support

Picture of Table Support
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There are two table support bars that bolt to the x axis frame.  They are made from 1"x1" steel tubing and 1"x3/16" steel bar.  You should cut the 3/16" thick bar into four 3" long pieces and drill and tap the M6 holes first.  Then drill the holes in the x axis frame(I built these parts after welding together the x axis frame)  Now bolt the plates to the frame and measure for the tubing, it should be 32-5/8" but you should fit the tubes as needed.  Then with the plates still attached to the frame weld the tubes to the plates.  By doing this you ensure that the finished part will be able to be removed and bolted back in place on the frame.  You don't have to weld the entire end of each tube the plates, just put four good tack welds on the corners at each end.  Then you can unbolt the support bars from the frame and fully weld the tubes.  Also when drilling the three holes in the tube be sure to drill through both sides.  You will only need to tap the top side on the tube but the through holes will allow you to transfer the hole locations on tho the work table.
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