DIY CO2 Airgun - Arrow Shooter - the German "Pfeilwurfgerät"





Introduction: DIY CO2 Airgun - Arrow Shooter - the German "Pfeilwurfgerät"

a homemade extreme powerfull co2 airgun arrow shooter from germany

Step 1: A Bullpup Airbow Powered With Co2

Inspired by Bullpup sniper Airbow from so in slingshotchannel I developed this device. The key features should be: the device must be legally! compact but relatively simple effective construction, homemade arrows brasses, simple and quick to load. Because I did not want sweat to build with a manual pump the pressure I thought very quickly to small caps co2. The pressure in a CO2-capsule such amounts to approximately 60 bar. This is extremely powerful. The main components come from the plumbing shop. What is needed is a solenoid valve. the solenoid valve presses the pressure abruptly in the arrow tube.

Step 2: The Construction

The sequence of the structure: co2 adapter -> Hand Valve -> pressure chamber -> solenoid valve -> dart pipe. The co2 capsule is screwed into an adapter which has a 1/2 inch connection. these adapters are available for paintball weapons for little money on eBay. the battery for the solenoid valve is in the grip of a toy pistol. Important: users must install a safety switch, so you do not trigger provided from while someone else or hurt yourself or kill !!! the gun barrel in Germany must have a barrier so that no balls can be fired!



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    Parts list????

    was this a kit?

    Could you explain the charging and firing procedure? is the hand valve closed before the trigger is activated, thereby releasing a measured volume of gas, or is the hand valve always on and the trigger pressed momentarily?

    1 reply

    Also, how many shots do you expect from a single CO2 cartridge?

    I would love to see more on how this was made. Also a parts list, with what tools used would be of a great help.

    This looks nice! Dangerous of course, but very nicely put together :)