Step 5: Step 6: Remove Clay Walls

Pry the clay walls back with your fingers and peel them away. The clay can be re-used, so try to remove any pieces of concrete.

The concrete piece should come loose from the casting surface at this point.
<p>I might do a T-Rex Track this way!</p>
<p>I can't seem to nail this....the concrete gets under anything I put down on my board and then it's too deep to dig out easily....thoughts??</p>
<p>Did you try gluing the leave to the board?</p>
I like this very much! Next time we'll eat chicken the bones will end glued on a board and covered with concrete - Archaeopteryx-style! Well done!
<p>You're a Genius! Upload a picture when you do that!</p>
<p>This is great. I've been looking for a way to make a walkway through our herb garden and this would be perfect. We'll just use the leaves of the nearest herbs and possibly add the name so the observer knows just what they're seeing and smelling as they trip through it. Very good description of steps.</p>
Looks nice. What size bag of concrete did you use and how many stones do you think a bag would make?
Great idea!
A great idea and very good instructable. Thank you for sharing this.
very nice, i think it would be awesome to get a skull replica and have dinosaur skull impressions on the stone.

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