DIY Cable to Use OTG and Simultaneously Charge the Device (Windows and Android)





Introduction: DIY Cable to Use OTG and Simultaneously Charge the Device (Windows and Android)

You can use this cable with all android and windows devices to use the OTG function and simultaneously charge the devices.

Step 1: Materials Required

  1. Micro USB male A,
  2. USB Male A,
  3. USB female A
  4. DPDT or 2P2W or 2P2T switch
  5. and some wires.

Links to purchase the items:

DPDT Switch:
Micro USB Male A:

USB Male A-

USB Female A:

Step 2: Wiring Micro USB

Wire the Micro USB male A according to the schematic shown and USB guidelines.

Step 3: Preparing USB Male a and Female A

Strip and tin the wires of the USB male A and female A

Step 4: Wiring

Wire the connectors to the switch as shown in the diagram below. A clear explanation has been given in the video and working has also been demonstrated.



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    What does the green (D+) and white (D-) do in a a power cable? Only Red (+) and black (-) are live... Why you connect the green to the switch? What's the purpose?
    Instructables, I am really trying very hard to be nice, here...

    Instructables should remove this nonsense article...
    It is miss leading and insult for the rest of the people that write useful things here.


    I was just wondering why does D+ need to be switched as well. Only switching ID to ground will not work?

    I wonder if it would be possible to do this with a small timer circuit instead of a manual switch....

    In short:

    1. Make cable as per schematic in Step 4: Wiring.

    2. Switch to 'Charge'.

    3. Connect everything: Phone charges.

    4. Switch to 'OTG': USB device is connected to phone, and phone is still charging.

    (I haven't made it yet though.)

    I've been needing this for a project! Thanks man :D