It's my daughter's birthday today so we decided to bake her a spongebob squarepants cake, we bought some cake mix and a cake-pan and went to work and baked the cake.

This could be used for any cake, it would be extra nice as part of a season gift-cake for the christmas season. You could do a christmas tree shaped base for a christmas tree shaped cake :)

we let it cool a little and realised that we didn't have a platter to ice the cake on, so I went to work on making one.

items needed:

> cardboard at apropriate size
> scissors (or knife) to cut cardboard
> aluminium foil (aluminum foil will work too)
> tape to secure foil
> a cake to ice (it would be pointless without one)

Step 1: Preparing the Cardboard

First thing we do is cut the card to the right size for the cake to fit on.

This was an epic fail

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