DIY: Call of Duty Nazi Zombies Perk a Cola (New Deadshot)

Perk-a-Cola! I would like to point out that my labels ARE correct no matter what people say. These are the picutre files from the actual game. End of discussion.  While I am resistant to giving away my secret recipes, here they are:

Deadshot Daquiri
1.75 Cups Club Soda
3 Tbs Cherry Flavor
>1 tsp Lime Flavor
2 Drops Black Food Color

Speed Cola (Note that you need 1.5 cups to fill a bottle)
1 cup Club Soda
4 Tbs. Lime Torani (Smart and Final)
½ tsp Sugar
1 tsp Corn Syrup
¼ tsp Lemon Juice
½ tsp Lime Juice
1 Drop Light Green Food Coloring
2 Drops Dark Green Food Coloring

Quick Revive Cola (Note that you need 1.5 cups to fill a bottle)
1 Cup Club Soda
4 Tbs Blue Flavoring
¼ Tsp Sugar
½ tsp Corn Syrup
1 Tbs Vanilla Torani (Smart and Final)
1 Drop Light Blue Food Coloring

Juggernog (Note that you need 1.5 cups to fill a bottle)
1 Cup Seltzer Water (In the Vodka Section at Savemart)
3 Tbs. Raspberry Torani (On the top shelf near the coffee section at Savemart)
½ tsp Corn Syrup
½ tsp Sugar

Double Tap (Note that you need 1.5 cups to fill a bottle)
1 Cup Seltzer Water
2 ½ Tbs Mandarin Orange Torani
1 Tbs French Vanilla Torani
5 Drops Yellow Color
1 Drop Pink Color

4 Tbs Lemon Torani
Around 1 Cup Shasta
Lemon Toxic Waste
2 Tbs Lemon Juice
1 Tbs Lime Juice
??? Color ???

PhD Flopper
1 Cup Shasta
6 Tbs Grape Syrup
1 tsp? sugar
??? one drop light blue color ???

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Step 1: Equipment and Ingredients

Picture of Equipment and Ingredients

Because this is food, most of the ingredients are replaceable. Replaceable/optional ingredients are marked with a *. What You'll Need:
Club Soda* (any nonflavored carbonated beverage)
A Twist Off Bottle Of Soda (I use Dr. Browns which can be found at BevMo)
A Bowl of Some Sort
Measureing Untensils
Lime and Lemon Juice*
Torani Flavoring Syrup*
(Any brand or flavor will work. Using Raspberry)
Karo Syrup* (Corn Syrup)
Food Coloring*
A Funnel*
Sticker Paper*
Dry Ice*
Labels:   https://sites.google.com/site/justyouraveragesite/

Step 2: Measure

Picture of Measure
Measure out around one cup of your club soda.

Step 3: Add

Picture of Add
Add 3 tablespoons of raspberry Torani syrup to your club soda.

Step 4: Stir

Picture of Stir

Step 5: Add

Picture of Add
Add 1/2 a teaspoon of sugar. This should always be done before adding corn syrup otherwise the two can stick together and be hard to stir.

Step 6: Stir

Picture of Stir
Stir again.

Step 7: Add

Picture of Add
How much corn syrup you add doesn't make a huge difference as long as you don't add over 2 teaspoons. As you can see, I don't measure it because it makes a bigger mess.

Step 8: Stir

Picture of Stir
Hooray more stirring!

Step 9: Carbonate*

Picture of Carbonate*
Place a fairly small chunk of dry ice; it should be about the size and thickness of a full mini post-it notepad. This step is totally optional. If you're trying to go for that "soda-like" feel then you might want to put in the little bit of extra effort. You might notice that the soda is a differnt color. This is mainly because I don't care for any other flavor to be carbonated. While you're waiting, it's time to prepare the bottle.

Step 10: Prepare The Bottle

Picture of Prepare The Bottle
Removeing the label from your bottle can prove to be a bit more challenging than it seems. Dr. Brown's soda has a label that is very easy to remove which is why I strongly recommend it. If your label has all around adhesive, let it soak in some warm water then try to peel/pick it off. If that doesn't work you can use any type of anti-adhesive spray (just keep it away from the mouth of the bottle.) Make sure to throughly wash off the bottle after using anti-adhesive to keep it from having a dirty/foggy apperance.

Step 11: Labeling Your Bottle

Picture of Labeling Your Bottle

A link to the bottle labels can be found at the link next to "Labels" in the ingredients page and also here https://sites.google.com/site/justyouraveragesite/ . Click the link, click the image, enlarge it once, and copy the image. Paste it on your desktop, open it, and print it. Carefully cut out the labels. If your using Dr. Brown's soda, then there will be a line of adhesive left. Peel off the back of the sticker and paste it over the smudge. Cut out one of the smaller cap stickers with some extra space around it, peel off the back, and place it on the cap.

And to reitterate, these are the EXACT file pictures from the game.  These are the correct labels. :D

Step 12: Pour and Finish

Picture of Pour and Finish
Pour your soda into the bottle and twist the cap back on. Now your done! You can make your own flavors with the basic principle I have supplied you with.
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CrashMGD4 years ago
where did you get the templates for the labels? can you post a link please :) 5*
The labels he uses is not the actual labels that are used in the game... The ones here are...

no, you're wrong. He had all of them right. in fact, you have Stamin - Up and PHD Flopper wrong.

how can i print your labels?
Right click, save each image as, open in paint, find size by trial and error on normal paper, then when size is right, print on adhesive paper. Apply to bottle
I think these are right. Plus they look better.
pyro1234567890 (author)  lug big lug4 years ago
Actually these aren't the right ones. If you go on Kino der Toten you can see all the labels in the beverage box in the first room.
These are the ones on the bottle from activision/treyarch... I know this because I hack a lot of games and I pulled up the bottle graphics to see when I read this instructible... The ones in kino der toten cannot be seen very clearly anyway
pyro1234567890 (author)  lug big lug4 years ago
Yes, but they are clear enough to read the names on the labels. Im not 100% sure about Flopper and Stamin-up but the other ones I have a definitely right.
The quick revive has two versions, but both do not have the "!" that was shown in your instructible
You both stop fighting, and I'm awesome! - I do think Lug Big Lug is right with the labels though
I have the game, and I have seen them..... Lerickson, fighting is a fun way to pass time....
I believe the only reason lug big lugs labels are right is because the all are a set- they all match yours they are pretty choopy and dont look like a set
pyro1234567890 (author)  larslovespeace4 years ago
We should all play a game of ascension.
I have an xbox and I am pretty sure lerickson has a WII
Ummmmm just saying. lug big lug's more correct. For example, it looks like on the author's label for Juggernog, it says "Juggernaut". However, it's not "Juggernaut", it's Juggernog. Hence the name.
pyro1234567890 (author)  S.A.K.E.owner4 years ago
Yes but the game uses my labels.
your labels and lug big lugs labels are THE EXACT SAME i compared them, which i am very good at doing, and they ARE THE SAME.you simply promote "your" labels because you "created" or supposedly hacked them all you have to do is go to google and look them up much less treyarch.com
um no they are not.... the symbols and wording are different
i apologize lug big lug your labels are correct
Its ok
I went on to the Call of Duty Wiki http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Perk-a-Cola and lug big lug's labels are correct.
So I see your point. And I appreciate you making this guide. However, the others look better as a set. So individually one would look really nice, and they might be from the game which makes them more correct, but when all of them are together in a set they look nicer with the labels lug big lug provided. Do you see my point?
And it is true that the soda says Juggernaut. But it looks better as Juggernog.
It might. But the other ones "look" better.
sure lets go with that....
pyro1234567890 (author)  lug big lug4 years ago
Would you like me to show you in a game on Kino?
omg thank you soooooo much :))))))))))))
Holy crap! what happened to your mouth! it suddenly multiplied!!
Do you have to put the dry ice in it? And do the drinks actually taste good? I'm thinking of making them for me and my boyfriend!
pyro1234567890 (author)  IRayOfSunshine7 months ago
Dry ice isnt really necesary, though it does make the drink slightly carbonated. I like the drinks, but if I remember correctly, theyre pretty sweet. I think deadshot was my favorite, but it's been a while since Ive made them.

Okay thanks :) Making this for my boyfriend as a christmas present!

bad alchamy11 months ago
Hey pyro1234567890 what does blue flavoring mean? Is it blue raspberry torani
lobi2 years ago
where is the template of deadshot daquiri??
stroop2 years ago
The only one of your labls that is incorrect is the juggernog soda. Other than that great instructable!
The they any of these that have mule kick?
Grimmdeath3 years ago
where can i get glass bottles
h88643 years ago
the main pic says slieght of hand soda on it
LiftAndLove3 years ago
Will it loose its carbonation since its not sealed?
tiberiansun3 years ago
Just a few questions about ingrediants that were not in the list but in the directions.
For 1 just want to be clear what Grape Syrup is, is it the same as grape flavored Torani syrup.
2, I was wandering what lemon toxic waste is?
3, Are shasta and club soda the same thing. If not what is shasta.
and last what is seltzer water and where can I buy it?
Thanks, Tiberiansun
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