Step 4: Stir

What exactly is "blue flavoring" on quick revive?
where did you get the templates for the labels? can you post a link please :) 5*
The labels he uses is not the actual labels that are used in the game... The ones here are...
<p>no, you're wrong. He had all of them right. in fact, you have Stamin - Up and PHD Flopper wrong.</p>
how can i print your labels?
Right click, save each image as, open in paint, find size by trial and error on normal paper, then when size is right, print on adhesive paper. Apply to bottle<br>
I think these are right. Plus they look better.
Actually these aren't the right ones. If you go on Kino der Toten you can see all the labels in the beverage box in the first room.
These are the ones on the bottle from activision/treyarch... I know this because I hack a lot of games and I pulled up the bottle graphics to see when I read this instructible... The ones in kino der toten cannot be seen very clearly anyway
Yes, but they are clear enough to read the names on the labels. Im not 100% sure about Flopper and Stamin-up but the other ones I have a definitely right.
The quick revive has two versions, but both do not have the &quot;!&quot; that was shown in your instructible
You both stop fighting, and I'm awesome! - I do think Lug Big Lug is right with the labels though
I have the game, and I have seen them..... Lerickson, fighting is a fun way to pass time....
I believe the only reason lug big lugs labels are right is because the all are a set- they all match yours they are pretty choopy and dont look like a set <br>
We should all play a game of ascension.
I have an xbox and I am pretty sure lerickson has a WII
Ummmmm just saying. lug big lug's more correct. For example, it looks like on the author's label for Juggernog, it says &quot;Juggernaut&quot;. However, it's not &quot;Juggernaut&quot;, it's Juggernog. Hence the name.
Yes but the game uses my labels.
your labels and lug big lugs labels are THE EXACT SAME i compared them, which i am very good at doing, and they ARE THE SAME.you simply promote &quot;your&quot; labels because you &quot;created&quot; or supposedly hacked them all you have to do is go to google and look them up much less treyarch.com
um no they are not.... the symbols and wording are different
i apologize lug big lug your labels are correct
Its ok
I went on to the Call of Duty Wiki http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Perk-a-Cola and lug big lug's labels are correct.
So I see your point. And I appreciate you making this guide. However, the others look better as a set. So individually one would look really nice, and they might be from the game which makes them more correct, but when all of them are together in a set they look nicer with the labels lug big lug provided. Do you see my point?
And it is true that the soda says Juggernaut. But it looks better as Juggernog.
It might. But the other ones &quot;look&quot; better.
sure lets go with that....
Would you like me to show you in a game on Kino?
omg thank you soooooo much :))))))))))))
Holy crap! what happened to your mouth! it suddenly multiplied!!
Do you have to put the dry ice in it? And do the drinks actually taste good? I'm thinking of making them for me and my boyfriend!
Dry ice isnt really necesary, though it does make the drink slightly carbonated. I like the drinks, but if I remember correctly, theyre pretty sweet. I think deadshot was my favorite, but it's been a while since Ive made them.
<p>Okay thanks :) Making this for my boyfriend as a christmas present! </p>
Hey pyro1234567890 what does blue flavoring mean? Is it blue raspberry torani
Great post! Thank you for sharing. I've been interested in finding a place that does <a href="http://www.nwlabel.com" rel="nofollow">bottle labels in Seattle WA</a> like this. Do you have any suggestions or insights on where I may find a place that does this?
where is the template of deadshot daquiri??
The only one of your labls that is incorrect is the juggernog soda. Other than that great instructable!
The they any of these that have mule kick?
where can i get glass bottles <br />
the main pic says slieght of hand soda on it
Will it loose its carbonation since its not sealed? <br>
Just a few questions about ingrediants that were not in the list but in the directions. <br>For 1 just want to be clear what Grape Syrup is, is it the same as grape flavored Torani syrup. <br>2, I was wandering what lemon toxic waste is? <br>3, Are shasta and club soda the same thing. If not what is shasta. <br>and last what is seltzer water and where can I buy it? <br>Thanks, Tiberiansun
Ok so:<br>1) I use grape syrup from Smart &amp; Final for my sodas and it's also where I get the Torani from. The grape syrup is cheeper and I think its like the &quot;all in 1 super syrup&quot; near the snow cone stuff.<br>2) Lemon toxic waste is basically the same as a lemon warhead.<br>3) Seltzer water is basically just carbonated water. Use club soda its all the same stuff really.
Ok, Thanks
how do you get the lables off that site you posted below...it will only let me chose the deadshot lable
All you should have to do is right-click save image.
for the blue red and black you could just use a blue red and a cola slush puppyand let it melt it would not be as messy and it would take considerably less time to do :)<br>
I meant if you weren't going to drink them.
Really cool! You should add a tad bit of corn-starch to the mixture so it gives a slightly thicker look to it.
this is awesome bro....thanks for the recipes and are they safe to drink? i forgot if they were

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