Picture of Caltrain Bicycle Station Tag
Folks who carry their bikes on Caltrain use station tags to help one-another know where to "stack" (or not) their bikes along the parking rail inside the train car.

I decided to make a robust station tag for my bike.

I'm starting a new job on Monday up in Mountain View, so I've decided to use my bike to ride to-and-from Caltrain, instead of parking my car at the Caltrain station for $5 per day.

I live about 1.5 miles from the Santa Clara station and the new job is about 1.5 miles from the Mountain View station.

I made this at TechShop in San Jose.
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Step 1: The Parts to Build

Picture of The Parts to Build
The aluminum tags are reversible, in case I want to head up to San Francisco on the weekend.

Here're the parts for the bike tag:

Leather Strap
Metal "C"
8 of 3mm/.5 x 12mm screws
8 of 3mm/.5 nylock nuts
2 of 3" x 3.2" anodized aluminum tags

Step 2: Cut the Leather

I had to attempt this a couple of times to make a leather strap that could accommodate the cross bar on my bike and the holder for the station tag.

Overall the leather strap is about 12" x 4", and the "windows" are about 3.1" x 2.6".

I may eventually add another half-inch to the strap, since it was a bit tough to get all the parts assembled.  I may also change the size of the rectangular "window", since there's very little leather holding the aluminum tag in.

The leather.eps file attached will do the trick.  I used 7oz. (about 1/8" thick) leather for this.

Step 3: Mill the Aluminum

Picture of Mill the Aluminum
The aluminum "C" was milled by a friend for me.  I could have done the milling myself, but this was a faster option.

Here's the design of the "C" that supports the aluminum tags. I left one end open to make it easier to change the station tags when needed.  It's about 4" x 4".  The holes are about 1/8", and accept 3mm screws.
jmwells1 year ago
Instead of removing a screw each time you want to change the tags, why not a strap, or Velcro? Inevitably the screw, or nut will be lost/dropped. Overall a good ibble. Looks good.