DIY Camera Crane





Introduction: DIY Camera Crane

Just something I built this week.  You can find more information about it here and how I built it here:



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    I don't know if you guys got caught by it, but my AV program caught the Blackhole Exploit on the site that is pointed to by this instructable, it may not be his fault, but its there.

    I am not sure why your virus scanner picked up something. I scanned it using AVG's online virus scanner, and nothing came up. Could you tell me the virus scanning software you use so I can look into it?


    I use the free version of AVG. I also tested it using my laptop and the MS Security Essentials detected the exploit. It may not have been placed there by him but someone exploited the weaknesses in the web server and had it serving out the exploit every time someone visited that server.

    Thanks for letting me know about this. My webhost looked into it and removed all threats. There should be no problems now.

    About how much did this cost?

    It cost about $10 for the lumber and $5 for the nuts and bolts. I had the stand already from a set of broken work lights, and I got the sheet metal from school. If you are creative with the parts that you use, you could easily do it for under $20.

     p.s. its calls a boom but that my friend is awesome !

    It's a camera crane or jib. A boom refers to a boom mic, which is actually a shotgun mic, on a boom pole.