Introduction: DIY Camera Dolly for GoPro, Actionpro X7 or Any Other Action or Video Camera.

Parts, tools and all activities required to make your own Camera Dolly for your actioncamera like GoPro, Actionpro or any other video camera / DSLR that support standard tripod conector. Camera can be attached directly on the Dolly or attached to a tripod head. The last one is the best option as will allow quick camera repositioning.

The actual name of this is Table Dolly, as it is a small one and not really a full size Dolly, but this is an essential part that can be turned with minimum effort to a slider or tripod slider. DIY clip for this kind of transformation will come later.


alcurb (author)2015-02-03

Fantastic. Great quality shooting. Also, I'm impressed with your young model, very photogenic.

Ninjutzu (author)alcurb2015-02-04

Thank you. About the model, well, I was happy during that time that it managed to stay still :-)

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