I recently build a Camera gimbal, tt's simple, effective, and really helps to get rid of most of the shakes and vibrations from the video.

In this instructable, I will briefly explain how I built my own DIY brushless camera gimbal, if you are still in doubt please refer to more detail and pictures on my blog post.

Check out this demo video:

The camera gimbal is very cheap to build:

  • Frame material (plywood, screws, nuts, angle blankets etc) - <$10
  • Gimbal Motor x 2 - $23
  • Gimbal Controller - as low as $20
  • Total $53

I used a slightly more expensive one in my project, but you can definately get some cheap ones for as low as $20.

And it's very light too, only 160gram net weight, perfect for traveling. I also plan to mount this on my helicopter and quadcopter.

Check out this video I filmed using this camera gimbal and my gopro.

So here is How I made it.

Step 1: Design and Plan

Planning the setup on paper, with measurements.

Step 2: Buy Components and Parts, Assembling

Assembling is not difficult, once you designed your gimbal accurate enough. I could have used nylon screws and nuts, which are much lighter. 50% of the weight of this gimbal probably comes from the metal parts.

Step 3: Questions and Idea?

You can leave your commend on my instructable, but I don't come here everyday, so if you want a prompt reply, leave a comment on my blog instead. Have fun!

could you please send me a list of all materials with link for buy you used in your video?
<p>Can a gimbal having a handling capacity of 4kg can handle a camera weighing 2kg??</p>
<p>Does this need ESCs to control the gimbal motors?</p>
<p>I'm looking for a GoPro gimbal that is cheap and easy to use with a bike. Any recommendation? I have tried the DJI (too complicated, complex calibrations required all the time) and did not like. Has anyone ever tested something that works? And anyone ever heard of this <a href="http://www.darewarelabs.com" rel="nofollow">www.darewarelabs.com</a>?</p>
<p>can you use any brush less motors? or do they have to be set up for gimbals?</p>
What is the purpose for the roll of tape underneath the camera?
<p>I think it is just a stand.</p>
<p>thank you</p>
which battery you use? voltage and current?
well, it depends on the Gimbal controller board you have. the one I used was a 11V 900mah battery.
<p>What do you estimate the battery life to be with the one you use? 1-2 hours?</p>
<p>Прикольная штуковина</p>
<p>Why not give full details</p>
<p>very nice </p>

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