Introduction: DIY Camera Stabilizer Made in ONE Step

Camera stabilizers for DSLRs can be very expensive. But you will find them very helpful when shooting videos, especially when using a handheld camera.

Here is a cheap & creative way to make a DIY camera stabilizer to reduce camera shake during shooting. All you need is a rubber band!

Step 1: Tie the Rubber Band to One of the Belt Loops on Your Pants. Make Sure It Is Steady and Not Too Loose.

Step 2: Attach the Other End of the Rubber Band to Your Camera With a Camera Plate.

More Tips:

Here is another tip to reducing camera shakes:


tomblik (author)2016-03-25

This is just an ad for Filmora. It is annoying that they posted three ads disguised as simple ways to stop camera shake.

Amiaeagle57 (author)2016-03-25

2liter bottles

martinhui (author)2016-03-24

Oh I SEE, what is the phenomenon behind?

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