Introduction: DIY Candle Holder

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DIY candle holder

i am making this because i love candles and its pretty cool.

it is easy and fun to make but it does take time.

It will add to your room and light your darkness in a winter night.

Step 1: Materials

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you don't need much of materials

you will need:

1. clay (you will need a clay which will dry out after a while)

2. glass of water (depend on your clay type)

3. candle

Step 2: Make Balls

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next what you want to do is to separate your clay to 3 different balls, the balls should be in different sizes.

Step 3: The Shapes

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take your smallest ball you made and make it like a bowl.

Check the sizes of the candles that you want to put in the candle holder, and make the bowl slightly bigger than the candles.

Step 4: The Other Balls

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next you want to grab the other balls and stick them together, make sure the bowl you have made is on the top, the medium ball is in the middle and the biggest ball is on the bottom. Stick them all together with water (depending on your type of clay).

Like so.... (in the pictures)

Step 5: You Are Done!:)

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You are done!!

you can add decorations to your candle holder if you would like to:)

Thank you for Watching, Hope you enjoyed!


Maria Letizia (author)2017-02-25

Good job!!!!

Swansong (author)2017-02-16

I like working with air dry clay :)

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