Hi! Friends, In this video I would like to show how I made a candle holder out of plaster of paris. Here, we use the bottom portion of plastic bottles as a mold for candle holder. You can choose plastic bottles of different size and shape. Plaster of Paris is a great material to use for basic sculptures and craft projects because it is easy to prepare and sets in a few minutes. For a detailed tutorial on mixing plaster of paris, kindly watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxcWs_5YFJE.
If you like to add some color shades, try mixing acrylic paint in the plaster of paris paste. You can also paint the candle holder using acrylic paint or use spray paint.

Kindly watch the embedded video for visual tutorial.

[ I am not a native English speaker. So kindly forgive me if my English is poor.]

Step 1: Tools and Materials Required

Materials Required:

1) Plastic bottle

2) Plaster of Paris

3) Tea Candles

Tools Required:

1) Cutting blade

2) Pliers

3) Sand paper (320 grit)

4) Scissors

5) Acrylic color

Step 2: Preparing Mold

First of all, choose a plastic bottle of desired shape and size.

1-3) Take the plastic bottle and using a cutting blade or scissor cut out the bottom portion of the bottle. Do not cut short. It should have enough height from the bottom. Clean the interior of the cut out plastic cup and this forms the mold for plaster of paris paste.

Step 3: Preparing Plaster of Paris Paste

For preparing plaster of paris paste,

1-5) Take a well cleaned bowl. Remember that the ratio should be 2 parts powder to 1 part water. Here we use 1 glass of water and 2 glasses of Plaster of Paris powder. Start adding the Plaster of Paris powder to the water in bowl by sifting the powder over the water. And tap the side of your mixing container with a spoon to disperse the powder into the water and remove any air bubbles.

6)Gently mix the Plaster of Paris mixture until it reaches a uniform and smooth consistency. Do not stir vigorously to avoid any air bubbles from forming.

Step 4: Pouring Plaster of Paris Paste

1-2) Now pour the plaster of paris paste into the cut out plastic bottle cup.

3) Tap the walls of the cup to get rid of any air bubbles.

4-6) Now select a contaimer cap or lid that is slightly larger than the tea candles. Place the lid at the center of the plaster of paris paste in the mold and press downwards. Keep this set up utouched for a few hours until it get set.

7-9) When it get set, using your fingers apply some pressure inside the lid and turn the lid while holding the mold rest as shown in the image. This will detach the lid from the plaster.

10-17) Now using scissors make some vertical cuts along the brim of the plastic mold. Then using pliers tear off the plastic cup from the plaster. Finally, we have the shaped plaster in hand.

Step 5: Size and Shape

You can choose bottles of different size and shape of your own choice. Adjust and calculate the required amount of plaster of paris paste for certain molds of specic shape and size.

Step 6: Adding Color Shades

1-6) If colored Plaster of Paris mixture is desired, add some poster paint or acyrlic paint once the mixture is free of lumps and has a smooth consistency. Continue mixing from side to side until the color is uniformly dispersed. But if you need to add a shade of specific color then do not spread it but just give a few random stir from top to bottom using a rod. Using a small lid make room for the candle.

7) So we have made three types of candle holders having differnt color, shape and size.

Step 7: Finishing

Now, as you can see the top of candle holders are not even or smooth.

1-6) To make it smooth, take a 320 grit sandpaper and sand the top of the candle holder. It is better to place the sand paper on a flat surface and move the candle holder over the sand paper in a circular motion. Sand the top until it's perfectly smooth.

7-9) Do the same with other candle holders also.

Step 8: Painting Candles Holders

1-5) Finally, we can spray paint the other two candle holders those without any shades. I have spray painted one with mat white and the other with mat black.

6) Place the tea candles inside the candle holders and light it.

Step 9: DIY Candle Holder | How to Make a Candle Holder Out of Plaster of Paris

Here is our candle holder made of plaster of paris. Plastic bottles are available in a veriety of shape and size. Select suitable bottle shape and add colors of your own choice. Poster color is also a good option. Hope you all enjoyed this instructable. Kindly forgive my mistakes in the tutorial and please point out my mistakes and also give me your valuable suggestions for my future projects.

<p>When you pour concrete in a mold you have to lubricate the mold first with oil, vascaline, silicon spray etc. Do you need to lubricate the mold or does it come out without issue?</p>
<p>In this case I haven't experienced any issue. But if required you can use a mold releasing agent. Spray the mold's surface with a mold release agent purchased at most art supply stores or hobby shops. The mold release agent will form a layer between the plaster of paris and the mold that prevents the plaster from sticking to the mold's surface.</p>

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