New Year is over and it's time to loose some weight. Here's a little idea on how to use the candies you won't eat for the next few weeks. These original earrings and necklaces were Christmas presents for my sisters.

Step 1: What You Need

- Clear nail varnish
- Cheap jewels
- Hard candies
- Epoxy glue
- Stick (something to mix the glue)
- Wax paper
<p>These are cute, but I was wondering if they could rot and fall apart easily?</p>
<p>I wouldn't think so if they are well incased in the resin, I would think the resin would keep out any moisture and air. My mom used to do resin stuff, so I sort of know what it's like.</p>
<p>Awesome!! I been wanting to know how to do this and what to use to make the candies last forever!!! &lt;3</p>
I lov it and i am doing it right now YEAH they are super cute especially the mint pendant
I love the mint pendant! So cute.
Does it have to be epoxy glue used, or is super glue fine for this? <br>
this sounds so unbelievebly cool!!!!! i'll have to try it for christmas for all my friends! thanks for your wonderful instructable. : )
So cute and perfect!
Nice idea! I'll try make some neck pendants for my girlfriend! <br><br>Errr, have you had any problems with ants? '-'<br>They can &quot;feel&quot; sugar through hard substances, you know '-'
No ants problem for the moment. I live in Canada and it's almost -20 degrees outside right now. Insects won't be a problem until an other few months. Maybe it could be a problem in warmer countries. ;)<br>Thanks for the warning.<br>-Sam
well, then I'll try!<br>I live in Brazil and, here, we have some ants troubles sometimes...
cute!...usually women are crazy about these but now this something financilay cheap to make as a gift from him to her.....(that part concerns the male population) cause due to crisis we dont have money for expensive gifts.....<br><br>thanks...you saved my relationship! lol
Very tasteful :)
I wonder if you could have used some sort of sugar or food-based glaze instead of the epoxy as a sealant.
Possibly.<br>If you find something that last, please tell me. <br>Nature has a lot of natural resins.

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