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While driving my car during a sunny day, I noticed that I can't read the LCD panel of the car (Audio etc').

As a maker, I wanted to find the quickest and simplest solution to that problem - So I made a shade to the LCD - using the CD slot that is above the panel and building a simple shade as follows.

My tip is especially good for travelers since when you hire a car, you might face the same crisis I had, which you can resolve anytime any place.

Step 1: Equipment

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All you need is a CD, Cardboard, Tape and a knife

Step 2: Instructions

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  1. Measure the size you have for the cardboard shader (Ensure not to disturb the buttons)
  2. Mark centerline on the cardboard
  3. Position the CD with the middle of it on the line.
  4. Stick both using the adhesive tape

Youre done! It Works!

Step 3: Tips:

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  • Some CD players will try to pull the CD and stop all other audio when entering the shade - there's a button to eliminate this auto action.
  • You can put some graphics on the cardboard.
  • Safety - DO NOT try to insert the CD while other CD is in the player.


JohnKovac (author)2015-08-14

Great idea ! One question: since the car audio "thinks" it needs to continue to "grab-on" to the CD to load it into the car audio system, by having the CD half in / half out, will there be the possibility that the motor or other internal parts of the CD loading tray / motor will burn out or freeze up? Looking forward to your reply so I can make this for my car. Tnx.

wavegm (author)JohnKovac2015-08-14

That's a good question, I guess it changes between audio systems, but in mine - you just need to press once on the right button and it stops the motor and returns to play whatever I was listening before, so I guess there's a way.

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